How to find a cheap house to buy in Istanbul?

October 10, 2023

“Where are the cheapest residences in Istanbul?”

Buying a house in Istanbul is always a good investment. However, before buying a house, you should take a look at the prices of the regions and evaluate where the cheapest houses are. Where are the cheapest residences in Istanbul? While prices are constantly increasing in some regions, you can always buy a house at affordable prices in districts such as Esenyurt and Tuzla.

Esenyurt house prices

The prices of the houses to be purchased in Istanbul Esenyurt have been determined to start from 100 thousand TL thanks to the new plans. The average house prices for sale vary between 100 thousand and 300 thousand TL. Compared to many other regions in the city, houses in Esenyurt are more affordable.

Beylikduzu house prices

Due to the urban structure of Beylikdüzü, it is possible to buy both affordable and high-quality houses with prices over 200 thousand TL. Located on the European side, the district hosts high quality residences up to 400 thousand TL.

Tuzla house prices

Due to the structure of the houses to be purchased in Tuzla, both the average prices have been kept high and the quality of the houses has been increased. This situation causes the prices to vary between 200 thousand TL and 750 thousand TL. Although it is not very crowded, the prices are increasing day by day in the district, which has a dense structure.

Silivri house prices

People who want to buy a house in Istanbul Silivri generally prefer this area because it is close to their work. The prices of the houses to be purchased in Silivri, which is 70 kilometers from the center, start from 100 thousand TL. Quality housing prices go up to 400 thousand TL on average.

Gaziosmanpasa house prices

The house structure of Gaziosmanpaşa was changed in an instant and with the urban transformation, it was ensured that higher quality houses were sold at more affordable prices. The average range for house prices in the region varies between 150 thousand and 450 thousand TL.

Kurtkoy house prices

If you want to buy a house from new projects in Kurtköy, Istanbul, the average prices will also increase. Today, the average price of an earthquake-resistant, high-quality apartment in Kurtköy varies between 170 thousand and 500 thousand TL.

Sultanbeyli house prices

When you go to Sultanbeyli, you can see that the prices of their houses are more affordable than most other districts. House prices are determined by taking into account the general structure of the region and the state of development. Today, it will be possible to buy a house with values ​​ranging from 150 thousand to 450 thousand TL.

Kartal house prices

For thousands of people who want to buy their flat from Kartal, especially recently, very important initiatives have been started for houses. It is one of the districts that attract attention because it is not overly crowded and the prices of the houses are at average values. Kartal, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is a town on the coastline. In the district, where you can also use the sea route frequently, the average house prices vary between 200 and 300 thousand TL.

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