Is now a good time to invest in the Turkish real estate market?

October 10, 2023

“How Profitable Is Land Investment?”

The way to invest and evaluate savings correctly, besides having a good knowledge of the sector, is to get to know the money markets related to the sector closely.

By making the right investment choice at the right time, in the right place, you can greatly change the benefit you will gain.

In order to invest in land, it is necessary to make a very detailed research and examination at this point. One of the best investment plans is definitely to buy land.

“How Can A Land Become a Profitable Investment?”

There are some points to consider for a land to be a profitable investment.

The first of these is maturity. Land investment always pays off in the long run.

But the important thing is that you turn your land investment into profit in the short term.

You can achieve this by closely following the developing regions and obtaining solid information about the zoning status.

Especially if you complain about the fact that real estate is a good investment tool and the prices of residences, workplaces, shops, buildings, villas for sale and cottages for sale are rising, you can consider your investment in favor of the land.

However, investing in land is not like buying a house because you can evaluate both structural and environmental factors by visiting the house, and while you can do research on zoning from the municipality and the land registry and cadastre directorate, buying a land requires more detailed research.

Because even if there is no value gain in the house, there will be rental income, while the land will not earn any income. As there is no income, there is an additional tax burden.

Therefore; When purchasing, first of all, it should be learned whether the land has a zoning permit or not.

If there is a zoning permit, it should be questioned which building the permit is for, whether it is a residence, commercial area, workplace or social service area.

Because the sale of each will be long or short term, depending on its location.

In addition, the zoning status, which has been given once, cannot be changed later and your land may remain idle.

“Constructability of the Land is Important”

Before purchasing the land, the ground survey must be examined.

Plots with solid ground will always be sold at better prices against the risk of earthquakes.

Lands that have a property-related problem such as mortgages, annotations, liens, right of use belonging to a private person, company or public institution are always difficult to sell in terms of procedure and may cause additional costs to you.

Investing in the right place at the right time can provide you with great returns in the medium and long term.

“Choose the Right Time to Sell”

Land sales are like the stock market.

It is greatly affected by money markets and changes in the strategic importance of the region in which it is located.

For example, the lands in the area where the new airport project is located in Istanbul did not provide any income to the owners five years ago, but now their prices have reached very high levels.

Since many roads will have to be built to reach the region for the investment to be made here, the feasibility of the region should be made very well in advance and the land should be purchased knowing which areas are commercial, which areas are residential and which are public areas.

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