Is it possible for non-Turkish people to buy real estate in Turkey?

October 10, 2023

“Purchasing of foreigners for purchase Appraisal Report Requesting”

As a real buyer, a foreign national, you are expected to the Land Registry Directorate for the preliminary application by receiving the ‘Real Estate Appraisal Report’, which is appreciated by the party.

He is authorized to prepare the Worshipful Valuation Report, which is sent for delivery to the shipping service.

“Some Information about the acquisition of foreigners in Turkey”

1. Legal basis:

Real persons can be acquired in any kind of unenforceable (Foreign Residence, Workplace, Land, Field) provided that the legally enforceable conditions are followed.

It has to submit it to the relevant (Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture) approval within two years.

2. Form of contract:

In Turkey, the removal of the move is possible with the official deed and registration to be signed at the Land Registry offices, in a way that will be made suitable.

Application to the Land Registry Office:
The owner of the immovable or his authorized representative must apply to the Land Registry Directorate in advance.
(Pre-applications are made before the day break at the Land Registry Office for the queue.)

Preliminary if appropriate and able to be completed.

Documents required for application to the Land Registry Office:

a) Title Deed Document of the immovable or information of village/neighborhood, island, parcel, building, section,

b) Identity document or passport (with translation if necessary),

c) Preparation of the “Real Estate Market Value Certificate” of the immovable from the relevant Municipality.

d) Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings (housing, workplace… etc.),

e) 1 photo of the seller and 2 photos of the buyer (within the last 6 months, in 6×4 size).

f) Sworn translator if there is a party who does not speak Turkish,

g) In case of transactions with a power of attorney issued abroad, the original or certified copy of the power of attorney together with its translation.

h) Valuation Report prepared in accordance with valuation standards

Financial aspect of the transaction:

a) The title deed fee is paid by both the buyer and the seller over the sale price, not less than the “Fair Value of Real Estate” received from the relevant Municipality. (The title deed fee rate determined according to the Fees Law No. 492 is 2%.)

b) Locally determined revolving fund fee is paid. (Maximum 128 x 2.5 TL for 2019)

“Other issues that foreigners who want to acquire real estate in our country should pay attention to”

– Mortgage, lien, etc. on the real estate. Issues such as whether there is a restriction or whether there is any obstacle to the sale of the immovable should be checked by the relevant Land Registry Office.

– It is recommended not to work with people or companies that are not known to be experts and reliable.

– A residence permit is not required for the foreigner to acquire real estate in Turkey.

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