Which are the best areas to rent an apartment in Istanbul?

October 10, 2023

“Affordable neighborhoods in Istanbul”

The rentable districts in Istanbul are located in districts far from the city centre. The cheapest districts in Istanbul, which receives immigrants from almost every region of the country and where foreign nationals prefer to live, are offered at higher prices compared to the prices in other cities of the country.

Due to the rent increases announced in January 2018, the rents have increased considerably. In 2018, the average rent increase for 12 months was determined as 15.82. With the rate determined according to the data of the Statistical Institute, there was a high increase compared to 2017. So, which are the most suitable districts in Istanbul?

“The most affordable houses in Istanbul”

Real estate price increases, which pleased homeowners, investors, construction companies and housing project companies, caused the increase in real estate taxes, fees, and rents the most. The fact that a large number of people from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan came to Turkey and settled in Turkey caused the increase in housing rents to increase considerably.

Due to the high rents and high purchases of high-income foreign citizens, the economic balance in the country has changed and the concept of the middle class has begun to abolish. Istanbul, which gives the total of the country, continues to offer rental housing with the highest rates as an indicator of inflation, hikes, increases and the country’s economy.

The regions offered among the rentable districts in Istanbul consist of developing regions where the population is not very dense. Pendik, Ümraniye, Küçükçekmece and Bahçelievler districts are generally considered as districts with more affordable housing.

The cheapest districts in Istanbul are; It consists of districts such as Esenköy, Sultanbeyli, Silivri and Kurtköy. There are rental housing options at affordable prices in districts such as Beylikdüzü, Çekmeköy and Tuzla.

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