one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul

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one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul

One bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul concept apartments located on the European side of Istanbul will be furnished at the turnkey time. Located very close to Vadi Istanbul Shopping mall, these one bedroom concept apartments are also very suitable for home office workers. Within the complex, many one bedroom or one bedroom office units are delivered to you with high quality home furnishings selected by the developer.

If you are considering buying these one bedroom apartment as an investment, you are guaranteed rental income. You can easily access public transport in this central location on the European side. The apartments are within a 2-minute walk from the metro and bus stops. Do you live in a country other than Turkey? Do you come to Istanbul for business trips? Do you want to earn money from your home while you are away. These one bedroom apartments are for you. Please send us your enquiries for more details. For online appointment, choose the dates that best suits you.

About This One Bedroom Apartment

Embark on a revolutionary living experience with one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul, the pioneering concept of shared living in Turkey. Nestled in the heart of Istanbul’s Kagithane district, this avant-garde project comprises 128 meticulously designed luxury units, offering a seamless blend of comfort and functionality.

At one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul, individuals with shared interests and dynamic lifestyles coexist in 128 fully furnished, ready-to-move studio apartments. Embrace a hassle-free lifestyle as the property takes care of daily chores and utility charges. These modern dwellings span 5500 square meters, featuring cutting-edge amenities that cater to diverse needs, including work, play, dining, relaxation, socializing, and exercise.

This visionary project spans a 5,500m2 land area. Each apartments is adorned with high-quality, modern furniture sourced from top industry stores. Life at one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul is made effortlessly enjoyable, with private workspaces and meeting rooms available for residents who choose to work from home. The one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul’s diverse social areas foster interaction among residents.

one bedroom apartment Location

one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul is strategically located in Cendere, Kagithane district, offering proximity to the city center and convenient access to public transport. Investors seeking modern infrastructure and a central Istanbul location find Kagithane an ideal destination. The district’s well-connected road network, including the TEM and E-5 highways, complements the secure and peaceful living environment established by the Kagithane municipality.

Discover a new era of luxurious and smart living at one bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul, where the essence of community living meets unparalleled convenience. Contact us to explore the latest offers and secure your dream home at a competitive market price.

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Bus Station
1 min
Metro Station
4 min
Vadi Istanbul
3 km
8 km
New Airport
25 min

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