Why should I Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

January 23, 2023

If we go deep in the idea of real estate investment, we find it a successful idea, but it requires a lot of research, patience, and commitment. If all that went well, it will definitely be a profitable trip.

Real estate investment represents a sustainable resource despite the market fluctuation. It also provides a sustainable income, and there is no way it can decrease.

Nowadays, we have a lot of choices as the real estate market in Istanbul is one of the largest and most active markets in the world, so it will be hard to choose the real estate that gets you the highest return.

The investor’s main goal of the whole idea of real estate investment is making a profit, so a deep study must be conducted.

Is Investing in the Turkish Real Estate Market Reliable?

Investment resourceful people know that real estate investment is the safest choice for those who want to increase their wealth because the real estate prices increase stably and it is impossible they go down. Whoever looked at the real estate stock market in Turkey realizes that the prices increased despite the COVID-19 Pandemic and they never sent down.

Turkey has a variety of geographic structures divided into 81 stages, each one has its own geographic structure and details. Istanbul is the first and best destination to invest in Turkey.

Istanbul is the capital of the world (as Napoleon called it) and one of the most beautiful cities. How can’t it be when it centers on two continents: Asia and Europe! With a central location on the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, Istanbul has one of the best locations in the world. It was also one of the most civilized cities in Turkey and the world as the infrastructure has been improved, bridges have been built, the largest hospital and airport have been built in Istanbul as well.

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Real Estate Investment Characteristics in Turkey:

  • Real estate investment is a safe resort for lots of investors, especially with the fluctuation of the Turkish Lira in front of the US Dollar.
  • The solution was to buy a real estate with a continuously increasing real estate value, Panorama Property’s clients have taken advantage of the exchange rate, and we directed them to buy suitable real estate.
  • The privileges that the Turkish Government granted to the foreign real estate investors made life so easy for them because now, they can get a real estate residency permit and even obtain Turkish citizenship if they match certain requirements. Such made the Turkish citizens and the foreign ones equal.
  • The high population in Istanbul made any real estate a target to rent in the city. Istanbul’s being an industrial city and a center of work and studying made it easy to find tenants.
  • Constructing large projects, transportation system development, having the largest hospital and one of the world’s largest airports also made Turkey a destination for investors.

Despite the big increase in the real estate prices in Istanbul recently, experts have stressed that the real estate market is going to be increasing.

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