Why Turkey Is The Best Location For Foreigners To Buy Real Estate?

January 23, 2023

With its fascinating history, culture, nature, and climate, Turkey is a top destination for many travelers throughout the year. At this time, having a healthy and happy life is more important than ever, Turkey has shown great success in facing all the problems of the global epidemic. States and countries are implementing new policies and reforms to help their economies by attracting hot capital, and these policies are always beneficial. This is happening in many countries around the world including Europe, Asia, and America. Whether it offers residency, citizenship, or tax breaks… these policies and laws vary from country to country, along with other nice things, it’s difficult for those who invest abroad the ability to choose the country for their investment.

When researching which country to invest in, several factors should be considered:

• Natural factors, which are the local conditions and climate, which affect the quality of life and the environment of tourism.

• History and culture

• Social and religious issues

• Foundations of Economics

In general, Turkey has the advantage of quality and all these things. It has an area of ​​783,562 square kilometers, twice as large as Germany, almost twice as large as Italy, and about 10 times larger than all the countries in Eastern Europe. This means a big difference in tourism, agriculture, and industry compared to most European countries.

red flag turkey foreground flying seagulls local architectural buildings scaled 1

The climate in Turkey is not different from the climate of Europe although it is better, thanks to its location in the Asian and European regions. Property in Turkey is cheaper than in EU countries, with world-class construction. The price per square meter in the Turkish real estate market is much lower than in European countries in general, in addition to the general cost of living in Turkey, compared to EU countries. Turkey is known for its rich culture, in addition to its open infrastructure and way of life.

The easiest business and bureaucracy! The process of buying and selling in Turkey is simple and does not require a lot of paperwork and time, it can be done in one day. A foreigner can get a residence permit when buying a property in Turkey. A residence permit is issued to the owner and his family and is renewed every year. And an investment of up to $250,000 entitles the investor to immediate citizenship.

In 2018, Istanbul, which is one of the biggest shopping and investment centers in Turkey, was ranked as the ninth most visited city in the world, ahead of Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Los Angeles, and … other important tourists. country. Finally, Turkey has many attractions from a suitable climate, a growing economy, a strong real estate market that continues to grow despite all the problems in ‘the world, tourism, and historical attractions that attract tourists from all over the world … all this. making it an attractive location and a viable option to invest in or build a new life.

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