Is Buying Property In Turkey A Good Idea?

January 17, 2023

Buying any home is an investment no matter what your intentions were when you first bought it. Therefore, as a buyer, you can expect a return on investment within a reasonable period of time. Or, you want to keep the value of the money you spent on the house. If you are looking for a good place to invest in real estate, keep reading to find out the benefits of investing in property in Turkey and how you can do it.

Besides being a popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean, Turkey is also a hot investment destination. Providing all the necessary tools for a successful investment destination, Turkey offers a good return on investment for all investments, including real estate investments.

Is Turkey a good place to invest in real estate?

Turkish real estate offers good returns on investment with both long and short term investments and buying and selling opportunities. Property in Turkey takes a good profit every year, which has the advantage of getting a good profit in resale.

Rental houses also get good returns in Turkey. You can get a good annual loan in Turkey. Also, renting your house in Turkey returns your money in a reasonable amount of time. All these characteristics of Turkish real estate make it worthwhile to invest in property in Turkey .

Is Buying Property In Turkey A Good Idea?

Apart from the highly profitable investment opportunities, Turkey is very popular among international property buyers because it is beneficial in many ways. Most importantly, Turkey is a beautiful country with its beautiful scenery, cultural heritage and blue flag beaches on the Mediterranean coast. It receives visitors from all over the world for the purpose of tourism every year. 
Turkey offers open health services in both public and private health institutions. Medical services in Turkey are cheaper than in European and American countries in addition to being modern and high quality. Emergency services are provided free of charge to all, including foreign patients. Also, medical services and other departments of public hospitals cost less if you have a valid residence permit in Turkey which can be easily obtained by purchasing something. 
Traveling to Turkey is easy thanks to an open wireless network from every country in the world. There is no doubt that you will want to visit Turkey more often if you have a home here. Developed air connections and regular flights from many countries will be an advantage for your travels. Besides, transportation is also highly developed in the country. You may find it easy to get from one place to another while in Turkey. This will allow you to discover and experience more every time you visit the city.
Turkey also attracts visitors with its unique cuisine. Turkish cuisine is made up of specialties and recipes that have been served for centuries in the country. Many of these recipes are unique to the country and beginners always love them.

Should I Buy Property In Turkey?


If you buy property abroad and especially if you consider it a profitable investment, you will also need a low maintenance fee. Property maintenance costs are also very expensive in Turkey. The monthly maintenance fee in the apartment, which covers cleaning, maintenance, and all costs for common areas such as the garden, elevator, stairs, and pool.

Property prices in the country are one of the most important factors to consider when buying property in another country. Property prices in Turkey are surprisingly low, even lower today with high rates for foreign buyers. The USD and Euro are stronger than ever against the Turkish Lira. As property prices are determined in Turkish Lira and their foreign currency equivalents decrease based on exchange rates, buying property in Turkey is more expensive than ever for foreign buyers.

The Turkish real estate market offers many properties for sale. Although you can buy cheap things for investment on a low budget, you can also find high-end luxury properties such as seafront apartments in Turkey. In other words, the Turkish real estate market offers options for everyone, suitable for different buyers with different needs. The process of buying property is easier in Turkey than in many countries. That is why Turkey is a popular destination for international property buyers. The legal process is fast, without waiting time, and can be completed in a short time, perhaps within 3 days of choosing a property. This makes it easy and fast to invest in Turkish property without delay and unnecessary documents. 

Is it worth buying a house in Turkey?

Besides the features that this beautiful country offers, buying property in Turkey offers other benefits. Foreigners in Turkey can easily get admission by applying for their work permits. Homeowners in Turkey receive a short-term residence permit that is issued for two years and this type of residence can be renewed for another two years at the end of the validity period. The fact that Turkey offers houses to buyers is an added advantage for those who want to stay in Turkey for a long time. Having residency waives the requirement to obtain and renew a visa. It will be beneficial for you to get a residence permit in Turkey because it will make it easier for you to benefit from public services.

Turkey also attracts attention with its beneficial citizenship program. This program appears among similar applications in the world with money to buy the required items, the quick process, and the possibility of generating money after three years. The Turkish citizenship program makes it possible to get benefits when you get a Turkish passport that brings many benefits to its holders. 

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