6 Reasons To Buy A House In Bodrum

January 13, 2023

Bodrum in western Turkey is a hot spot for foreign property buyers. Among other selected places on the coast of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, it attracts many countries looking for a holiday home or a home for permanent renovation in the country. The reasons are many, and whether buyers have unlimited funds or a fixed budget, the real estate market is changing rapidly and house hunters are looking to buy in Bodrum will find what they are looking for. look for anything they like budget or demand.

But what features does it have that make customers choose it over other places? How can someone who wants to buy property in Turkey make sure that their investment is a long-term investment?

6 Reasons To Buy A House In Bodrum

1-Unique architectural styles

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Bodrum was at the beginning of a revolution in Turkish architecture. With some of the best architects in the country designing homes, business, and leisure facilities, homes are no longer just practical, but also cozy, geared up with technology, and designed to fit in with the landscapes to maximize sea views.

This villa in the Yalikavak district is a perfect example. Using the Zen concept as architectural inspiration, it is based on the folding house style of construction, and social community facilities are also an important feature.

Otherwise, in the past, the architectural style of property in Bodrum traditionally used wood and stone, and this type of house has an iconic status in Turkey, which buyers sometimes hinder afterward. From time to time, custom homes like this one come on the market, and this five-bedroom, four-bedroom home in Gundogan is a perfect example. However, some of the new buildings include old-style buildings, and buyers get the best of both worlds as they include all the modern conveniences. 

2-Good transport network


Many buyers want easy access to travel links, and that’s where the Bodrum Peninsula makes its mark. Bodrum Airport serves the entire region and transfers only one hour to the center or two hours to the surrounding and outer resorts. With frequent flights in the summer, the owners also use Izmir Airport in the winter.

The central bus station in the city center also offers cheap and frequent connections to many other destinations in Turkey. Access to international and domestic transport is right at the doorstep of any homeowner in Bodrum.

3-Pleasure Seeking Mood

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Bodrum‘s nationwide reputation as the cradle of a hedonistic lifestyle attracts artists, writers, spiritualists, and celebrities in droves. For decades Bodrum has been the source of individual enjoyment and happiness at the beginning of a life worth living.

A fisherman from Halicarnassus, aka Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, is said to have given birth to this bohemian vibe in 1925 and it also defines Bodrum’s reputation as one of the country’s top holiday destinations for tourists. International and Turkish. Bodrum has yet to follow suit. Instead, it keeps them, and fatigue will not be a part of your speech anymore. As an important part of the Turkish Riviera, it attracts sailors and enthusiasts from all over the world. Anyone who doesn’t like to get their feet wet will still find plenty to do, from art and photography lessons to exploring historic sites and natural areas. Check out all the tour operators, and there are enough activities to keep everyone busy for the next few days, which attracts not only holidaymakers but also potential investors are looking for.

4-A community established by the owners of another country

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Bodrum is not only one of the best holiday destinations in the country, but also for the owners of other cities, some of which have developed urban areas. The locals speak many languages, especially English.

Foreigners are frequent visitors everywhere, including hospitals, tax offices, legal departments, and even the salesman at the corner store, so a mishmash of nationalities is created. different effects. It is easy to enter the Bodrum area as a foreigner, and you will be able to easily get help and advice when you need it.

5-Great beach resort


In addition to the main city, the Bodrum Peninsula includes many small resort towns that all have characteristics that appeal to different social levels. Each is connected to the other by the regional transport network, so wherever you choose to buy property, it is easy to get to the great peninsula. Favorite places include Yalikavak, once a small fishing village and popular resort that has become a sophisticated destination for Palmarina’s yachting billionaires. While Gundogan’s traditional vibe attracts many Turkish retirees, Gumbet is especially popular with British tourists. Learn more about the sea of ​​our Bodrum area.

6-Everything is at your door

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To complete all of our life in your way, the Bodrum feed will have a lot of shopping sites on the night site. From big parties in the city center to outdoor restaurants by the sea in Gumusluk. From local Wednesday markets to modern shopping malls with international brands for sale. You need never want for anything.

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