What are the current investment trends in Turkey

August 12, 2022


Thirty-three percent of the participants think that Turkey will develop under the
leadership of the fields of energy, infrastructure, and natural resources. 31% of
the participants predict that tourism will be another important source of income
for Turkey in the next ten years. The predicted sector leadership ranking in
Turkey is different from the rest of the world. When we look at the expectations
about which sectors will develop in the next ten years, a different ranking from
the rest of the world draws attention. Although tourism, which is an important
source of income for Turkey, is at the bottom of the world, the participants think
that it will be the second sector that will lead the development of Turkey in the
next ten years. On the other hand, the participants in construction and
engineering, which are in the last place in the world, ranked 4th among the top 5
sectors that will contribute to the development of Turkey. There is an
expectation that technology, which is ranked first in the world, will be the 8th
sector to lead in Turkey. While the participants expressed their expectation that
energy, infrastructure, and natural resources will be the leading sectors in the
next ten years, both for the world and Turkey, they were counted among the top
five sectors.
The International Investment Summit, organized by the International Investors
Association (YASED) under the primary sponsorship of SOCAR Turkey, and
sponsored by SAP, Boeing, Fiat, Kale Group, Oyak Renault Automobile
Factories and PepsiCo, ended. At the summit, he revealed the investment trends
of both Turkey and the world in the future.
Investment trends for the future
Strong predictions of international direct investments from the USA to China,
organized by the International Investors Association (YASED) with the primary
sponsorship of SOCAR Turkey, SAP, Boeing, Fiat, Kale Group, Oyak Renault
Automobile Factories, and PepsiCo. The International Investment Summit has
ended. With the 5-day summit, Turkey’s agenda was turned into international
direct investments.
Speaking about the summit, YASED President Ayşem Sargın said, “The forty
years of YASED are undoubtedly a testament to the commitment and trust of its
members to Turkey. Turkey has provided us with remarkable opportunities with
its growing economy, young and talented workforce, advanced business culture,
and access to key markets. And as Turkey’s international companies, we have
contributed to the growth of Turkey with high value-added production, job
opportunities, exports, and R&D. We continue to believe in Turkey’s strong
potential, and we look forward to contributing to its success in the coming
‘The global market will continue to offer new opportunities to investors’
Government and public representatives who determine the investment climate in
Turkey, such as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vice President Fuat Oktay,
Minister of Treasury and Finance Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Industry and
Technology Mustafa Varank, Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, and President of
the Presidential Investment Office A. Burak Dağlıoğlu, attended the summit.
Reminding that they participated in the event, YASED President Sargın
continued: “The rules of the game are changing, and investors are trying to catch
up with today’s changing dynamics while preparing to stay competitive in the
post-pandemic period. For international direct investment, we expect the
downward trend to continue for at least a few more years. But, like everything
else, FDI will transform and improve. We foresee some trends such as
regionalization, relocation of investments, nationalization of production, and
reshaping of the global supply chain. Despite all these changes, we know that
the global market will continue to offer new opportunities to investors.”
‘We have once again witnessed the investment potential of Turkey’
Expressing that they witnessed Turkey’s investment potential once again at the
International Investment Summit held on December 7-11, Zaur Gahramanov,
Deputy Chairman of YASED and CEO of SOCAR Turkey, said: He believes
that he will take a position, and we see the signs of it. Turkey, which has a
special place for investors due to its strategic location, will always be on the
agenda of investors with its global supply chains and its domestic market with
great potential. Despite being held online for the first time due to the pandemic,
this summit, which was held with high participation, gives us hope for the
future; Thank you once again to those who contributed.
‘Institutions will accelerate their digitalization against unexpected crises’
Explaining that there are interruptions in business processes as well as in all
areas of life due to Covid-19, SAP Turkey General Manager Uğur Candan
continued as follows: “However, we have seen that institutions that have
realized their digital transformation have given a better test against the
pandemic. This situation once again revealed how important technology is for
the continuity of business. Institutions will accelerate their digitalization in the
next period, as it provides the opportunity for resilience and sustainability in the
face of such unexpected crises. In particular, cloud technologies will be at the
forefront, as it facilitates the transition to flexible working models, as well as the
agility and speed it provides at all times. As SAP, we are at the center of digital
transformation with the innovative solutions we offer to our customers in line
with our vision of ‘Making the world more livable and improving human life.
Together with our more than 60 local business partners in Turkey, we work as
the closest business partner in the digitalization journey of Turkish companies.
On the other hand, we continue our investments in Turkey, which we see as the
technology and innovation epicenter in the nearby geography. Our Software
Development Center, which has been operating since 2013, is an important
indicator of SAP’s trust in the Turkish economy. As a member of YASED, we
are delighted to support the International Investment Summit, where global
investment trends are discussed and all stakeholders of the subject come
together. As SAP, we will continue to contribute to the development of the IT
sector with our training programs aimed at increasing youth employment in
Turkey, our active work in business organizations, and our sponsorship activities
in different fields.”
‘The summit presented an opportunity for both investors and countries.
Kale Group Vice President and Head of Technical Department Osman Okyay
said that how the world was changing and transforming rapidly and became
more strikingly visible with the global epidemic: YASED International
Investment Summit, where the environment and the things to be done were
discussed, presented a very good opportunity for both investors and countries. I
find the tour of the horizon that the summit took us on, especially about the new
form that global supply chains will take with technological and sustainable
transformations in the coming period and the “new normal” we are facing, very
valuable. International cooperation and international investments; however, it is
vital that almost all participants emphasize that it will create added value if it is
supported by innovation, good governance, technology transfer, and
information/data sharing. I want to thank YASED for the meeting, which
reinforced our hope, seeing that our country has valuable advantages to be at the
center of the new supply chains of the future, with its strong workforce and
investment potential, as well as its geostrategic advantages. As an industrial
group that has been producing and investing for 63 years with our belief in
Turkey’s bright future and strong potential, we know that we can do more than
where we are today; I believe that we will progress strongly in the new period
with the contribution of global investments.”
‘I wish the outputs to inspire a stronger economy.
Expressing that they, as PepsiCo, are happy to attend the International
Investment Summit organized by YASED, PepsiCo General Manager Ece Aksel
said, “With our approach to creating more benefits both for our country’s
economy and society, we always focus on digital transformation, innovation and
sustainability. It was precious. For a stronger economy, I hope the outputs on
these topics will inspire all sectors and institutions.”

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