Should I buy houses in Turkey because of the Lira crisis

August 12, 2022

Citizenship doors open to foreigners who buy a house in Turkey
Citizenship for those who buy a house is for foreigners who will buy real estate
for at least 400 thousand dollars in Turkey. The foreigner and his family will
have the right to Turkish citizenship within six months. In other words, by
purchasing a house in Turkey, you will be both a profitable investment and a
Turkish citizen. Check out our services, Turkish citizenship consultancy.
In addition, if you buy a residence of 75 thousand dollars or more in Turkey,
you can get a 3-year residence permit for yourself and your family on the first
If you receive consultancy services from us when buying property in Turkey, we
will never allow you to buy a house above its value. We will minimize the
situations that will cause extra costs such as taxes, real estate agent
commissions, and municipal debts. We can complete your applications such as
residence permit, work permit, and Turkish citizenship.
It is easy to obtain a residence permit for foreigners who buy a house in Turkey.
Foreigners who have bought a residence in Turkey can obtain a residence
permit, provided that it is extended for specific periods. They also have the right
to obtain a residence permit within their families. With this residence permit, the
children of foreigners can study in Turkey. It is easier for foreigners with a
residence permit to find a job. It is easier to get a work permit within companies.
What Should Foreigners Do to Buy Property in Turkey?
Foreign nationals may purchase immovables such as residences, workplaces,
plots, and fields in Turkey, provided that they comply with the restrictions
specified in the law. If a foreign national is going to buy a field or land, he has to
notify the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within two years of what
kind of structure he will build on this land.
What are the Limitations on the Purchase of Property by Foreigners?
According to the relevant law, the following restrictions apply to the purchase of
property by foreigners:
A foreign national can purchase a maximum of 30 hectares of real estate
throughout Turkey.
A foreign national cannot buy property in military forbidden zones and security
zones. Renting is possible only with special permission.
Foreign real persons can purchase real estate up to 10% of the district area
subject to private ownership.
Properties that are determined by legal institutions that they are not used in
accordance with the purpose of the purchase and that are not informed about the
building type within two years, although they were purchased to construct the
building, can be liquidated by official institutions.
The above-mentioned limitations do not apply to companies with legal
personalities established in accordance with the laws of their home country.
What Procedure Should Be Followed to Buy a Property?
A preliminary application should be made to the land registry offices for the
transfer process. It is necessary to get a sequence number for pre-application.
For this, phone number 181 can be called, and an application can be made at
After the preliminary application, a day is determined for the transfer process to
those who will sell and buy the property.
The following documents must be prepared within the specified day:
The title deed of the real estate
Passport and photocopy of the foreign national who will buy it (Turkish
translation may be required)
“Real Estate Market Value Certificate” to be obtained from the municipality
where the property is located
Residence and workplace etc. Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for
buildings such as
One passport photo of the seller and two passport photos of the buyer
Sworn translator if the buyer does not speak Turkish
If the transfer process is carried out with a power of attorney issued abroad, the
original or certified copy of a power of attorney (must be translated into
Other Issues You Need to Consider
You should definitely find out if there are restrictions on immovable property,
such as mortgages, liens. For this, you can get the necessary information from
the land registry office.
A residence permit is not required to buy property in Turkey.
What are the Conditions for Applying for Turkish Citizenship with the Sale of a
Foreigners who want to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey can take
advantage of this opportunity by purchasing a house. The lower limit required
for the said transaction may vary from year to year. According to the figures for
2022, a purchase of at least 250,000 dollars is required in order to acquire
citizenship through the sale of housing to foreigners. Foreigners who purchase
real estate of this value or more may qualify for citizenship.
The purchase process alone is not sufficient for citizenship. The transferred
property must not be sold for three years. After the completion of the title deed
procedure where the housing purchase is made for citizenship purposes, the
relevant administrations should be notified. Afterward, those who receive a
certificate of conformity can request citizenship.
Housing Sales Statistics to Foreigners
According to the data announced by TURKSTAT on June 15, 2022, house sales
to foreigners increased by 235.7 percent in May compared to the same month of
the previous year and became 5 thousand 962.
In May, the share of house sales to foreigners in total house sales was 4.9%.
Istanbul took first place in house sales to foreigners with the sale of 2 thousand
451 houses.
Foreigners can purchase real estate to use as a workplace or residence in Turkey,
provided that they comply with legal restrictions.
However, even in different cities, the total area of immovables that a foreign
person can buy in Turkey cannot exceed 30 hectares.

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