What is the best area to invest in Istanbul, Turkey

August 12, 2022

Newly developed places in Istanbul continue to be a center of attraction, but
simultaneously, it promises powerful investment opportunities for investors. In
this context, it is possible to say that four different location types stand out
clearly for those who want to invest in Istanbul.
It is possible to list the location types among the places that will make a
premium in the future in Istanbul as follows:
Regions on the coast of the Anatolian side
Regions with low earthquake risk or dense new construction on the Anatolian

Parts close to enormous and gigantic Istanbul investments
Living spaces located in an area far from the city on the European Side
Recently, all plots and lands among the places that will make a premium in the
future in Istanbul cover any of the four different scales specified.
Therefore, in which regions of Istanbul will the lands be valued? It is enough for
those who want to seek an answer to their question to pay attention to these
dynamics. In addition, if it is necessary to make a deeper analysis, it is possible
to list some regions and districts that have the developing face of Istanbul and
are among the places that will make a premium in Istanbul in the future.
Regions on the Route of the Canal Istanbul Project
As it is known, the general lines of the Kanal Istanbul Project, which is among
the most critical investments of Turkey in the recent period, have been
explained. According to the degree of proximity to the project, it is possible to
say that each piece of land will attract a high level of attention and is a very
important investment tool in light of this information.
Northern Marmara Highway and Its Surroundings
The Northern Marmara Motorway offers the opportunity to reach the main
transportation points of Istanbul in the most efficient way. Therefore, for correct
and profitable land investment in Istanbul, orientation to the lands around this
highway will provide very creative contributions, and the risk of the investment
will be minimized.

Bridge Route
One of the regions that stand out clearly among the places that will make a
premium in the future in Istanbul is the districts and districts located on the 3rd
Bridge route. It would not be wrong to say that there is a wide range of options
suitable to be considered as an investment in this route. Therefore, these options
can be evaluated for land investment.

Airport Zone
The 3rd Airport Region offers countless opportunities to those who want to
invest in land in Istanbul. The fact that the region is developed in terms of
transportation and that one of the most magnificent airports in the world is being
built in this region offers an extraordinary investment opportunity.

Although not among the newly developing places in Istanbul, Silivri is an
important center of attraction. Especially preferred by those who want to escape
from the city, Silivri has recently hosted strong investments.

As mentioned, with the expansion of the border districts on the European side of
Istanbul towards Thrace, very strong investment opportunities have emerged in
this region. Therefore, it is possible for investors to turn to the least risky
investment by taking advantage of the investment opportunities promised by

Şile, which is one of the natural attraction centers where Istanbul escaped from
city life, is again a candidate to be an important investment center.

Neighborhoods that will gain value in Istanbul Ataşehir, which is at the top of
the list in 2021, is an important investment center as in previous years.
Especially for those who want to find new construction areas in the region and
to escape from the earthquake, the region will offer very creative opportunities.
With the crazy projects planned in Istanbul, the world city has once again
attracted attention. As the projects that no one could think of began to be made
gradually, the lands expected to develop in Istanbul, naturally, are now at the
expense of fire. The lands that were once disreputable have now taken off thanks
to the investors lying in wait, and the real estate is not passed by because of the
high m2 prices.
It is quite logical and natural for everyone to suggest a certain area for
investment in Istanbul, but now this is a thing of the past. Because these places
are places that have already reached their value. New projects in Istanbul have
started to be places that are built out of the city rather than inside the city. We
cannot say that the city center does not profit, but in this world city, construction
has started to go out in the city center.
It has been seen that the investments started to attract outwards from the center
of Istanbul with the Kanal Istanbul, the 3rd Bridge, also known as the Yavuz
Sultan Selim Bridge, the 3rd Airport, the Northern Marmara Motorway, and the
Two New Cities project, which is on everyone’s lips and called the crazy project.


Istanbul is now a city that has grown enough to contain cities within itself. Yes,
can there be a city in a town? The best example of this is Istanbul. It is planned
to establish two sub-cities integrated into the central city, which is selfsufficient, with the main transportation integration of Istanbul connected to the
center, and which contains the needs of the tiny town. The first of these cities is
planned to be close to the 3rd Airport and even surround it. The European subcity is expected to be built in a structure with a maximum population of 1
million. This city will be established to surround the 3rd Airport.
In addition, the second sub-city to be established is planned to be realized with
the second runway project to be built at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. It is planned to
be implemented in the Tuzla region at this site. As a result, the areas to be made
will increase in investment. TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Inc. Deputy General
Manager Hüsniye Boztunç emphasizes that those who invest should follow these
areas. In addition, it is foreseen that the added value for investment will be high.

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