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Bahcelievler - Family Concept Apartment

In the heart of our bustling city, amidst the concrete and steel, a transformative initiative is taking root: The Bahcelievler – Family Concept Apartment .  This ambitious undertaking aims to create a sustainable urban oasis, seamlessly blending nature and modern urban life.

At its core, the Bahcelievler – Family Concept Apartment is driven by a vision of sustainability. The goal is to reimagine the urban landscape by integrating green spaces into the fabric of the city, thereby fostering environmental awareness and enhancing the quality of life for residents. The project envisions a harmonious coexistence of nature and urban infrastructure, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact and maximizing resource efficiency.


The project consists of 11 buildings, each building isolated from the other, with a distance of 25 m to 37 m between building, and a width of 62 m to 71 m. Separate entrance and exit for each building+ reception service in each building.

  •  Wall and glass sound insulators
  • Ceiling height 3 M
  •  Floor heating system
  •  Full use of space
  • Each apartment has a balcony or separate garden + 2 bathrooms and more .
  • Terraces for each building (panoramic views)
  • Valet service with charging points available in parking lots
  •  A 42,000 m2 forest belonging to the project provides football fields, tennis and basketball courts
  •  Shopping mall


  • It is only 3 km away from the Marina (Floria) coast, 10 minutes away.
  • It is one of the most beautiful beaches that i provides swimming pools, restaurants and cafes.
    More than 15 hospitals, universities, schools( international) , shopping centers and parks Surrounding the project.

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100 m
M1 metro line
8 min
Metrobus line
10 min

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