Istanbul Best Locations to Invest in Real Estate in Turkey

January 30, 2024

Istanbul Best Locations to Invest in Real Estate in Turkey

Istanbul, a city straddling two continents, offers a plethora of enticing locations for real estate investment in Turkey. Among the best areas are Beşiktaş, where upscale residences and a vibrant urban lifestyle converge along the Bosphorus. Levent stands as a prominent financial district, attracting investors with modern high-rises and commercial opportunities. The historic district of Sultanahmet, home to iconic landmarks, presents unique investment potential in heritage properties. 

Maslak, with its modern infrastructure and proximity to business hubs, is another sought-after location. For those seeking a blend of luxury and tranquility, the coastal areas of Bebek and Emirgan offer waterfront properties with stunning views. Additionally, Kadıköy on the Asian side is gaining popularity for its diverse neighborhoods and cultural richness. Each of these locations reflects Istanbul’s diverse real estate landscape, catering to various investment preferences and promising both financial growth and an enriched lifestyle.

Along the glittering Bosphorus, Beşiktaş stands as a prime location for upscale real estate investment. The district boasts a mix of luxurious residences, trendy cafes, and vibrant street life. The demand for properties in Beşiktaş is fueled by its central location and the allure of waterfront living.

Sea view Apartment For Sale in Bebek Istanbul 2

Sea View Apartment For Sale In Bebek – Istanbul – Best House Turkey nestled in the prestigious and picturesque neighborhood of Bebek in Istanbul, this luxurious sea view apartment offers a unique opportunity for discerning buyers. Boasting breathtaking vistas of the shimmering Bosphorus, this meticulously designed residence harmoniously combines modern comfort with classic elegance.

The spacious living areas are bathed in natural light, creating an inviting ambiance, and the well-appointed kitchen features top-of-the-line appliances. With multiple balconies to savor the ever-changing hues of the water and a prime location near Bebek’s trendy cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, this apartment epitomizes the epitome of Istanbul’s coveted waterfront living. Don’t miss the chance to make this extraordinary property your new home in the heart of Bebek.

2+1 90 m² $730.000

Known as Istanbul’s bustling financial district, Levent is a magnet for real estate investors seeking modern high-rises and lucrative commercial opportunities. The skyline here is dominated by sleek towers, reflecting the city’s economic vibrancy and providing a lucrative investment environment.

Levent Apartments Istanbul For Sale Airbnb Apartments 5

In the heart of Istanbul’s vibrant Levent Business District lies Levent Apartments Istanbul – For Sale Airbnb Apartments, an architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned Saffet Kaya, former chief architect of Zaha Hadid Architects. This residential project offers an exquisite selection of one-bedroom apartments ranging from 52 to 84 m2 and two-bedroom apartments spanning 105 to 160 m2. As a testament to its commitment to sustainability and modern living, Levent Apartments Istanbul – For Sale Airbnb Apartments combines functionality with unique aesthetic designs, providing affordable luxury in a centrally located haven.

1+1 53 m² 68 m² $255.000 $483.000
2+1 110 m² 160 m² $394.000 $510.000

Recognized for its modern infrastructure and proximity to major business hubs, Maslak is a strategic location for real estate investment. The area’s dynamic growth and development make it an appealing choice for both residential and commercial investments.

Maslak Koru Best House Turkey 3 1

A distinctive existence is emerging within Maslak, the captivating hub of Istanbul, boasting its residential spaces, offices, commercial venues, and communal zones. Within Maslak Koru, tranquility permeates every square meter of your life, courtesy of nature. Discover serenity amidst the garden’s beauty and find joy upon your balcony. Here, your dreams are occasionally guided, and sometimes, an air of prestige is bestowed upon your endeavors.

1+165 m²89 m²$400.000$495.000
2+1102 m²152 m²$580.000$935.000
3+1175 m²198 m²$978.000$1.275.000
4+1199 m²219 m²$1.150.000$1.231.000
4,5+1222 m²226 m²$1.290.000$1.526.000
5+1280 m²313 m²$1.670.000$2.100.000

Situated on the Asian side, Kadıköy is gaining popularity for its diverse neighborhoods and cultural richness. The area’s growth, coupled with improved connectivity to the European side, makes it an emerging hot spot for real estate investment.

Bagdat Street For Sale Elite Residences 1 1

Istanbul, the cultural and economic heart of Turkey, has always been a city that seamlessly blends its rich history with contemporary living. Nestled within this vibrant metropolis is the Bagdat Street For Sale – Elite Residences, an exceptional residential complex that embodies the essence of modern Istanbul living. Let’s explore why Bagdat Street For Sale – Elite Residences is the perfect place to call home in this bustling city.

3+1132 m²132 m²$625.000$1.000.000
4+1184 m²184 m²$1.000.000 
3+2250 m²250 m²$1.300.000 
5+2300 m²300 m²$1.700.000 

Nestled on the outskirts of Istanbul’s European side, Beylikdüzü emerges as a promising destination for international property buyers. Its picturesque seaside location provides an array of properties boasting breathtaking views of the Marmara Sea or Büyükçekmece Bay. The allure of Beylikdüzü lies in its reputation as a secure residential area with ample green spaces, attracting foreigners seeking a tranquil yet contemporary living environment. 

The region is adorned with modern, upscale real estate projects, proximity to shopping malls, and access to reputable universities. Furthermore, the ongoing development of metro lines promises enhanced convenience for residents. Notably, Beylikdüzü stands out for its more affordable real estate prices, offering an attractive option for those looking to invest or settle in Istanbul without the bustling pace of the city center.

mercan apartman 1 1 scaled

The most important feature of Sea View Flats For Sale In Istanbul, designed with an extreme architectural approach for those who are tired of the shadow of high details, was its respect for personal space. The mansions in large gardens are located 25 to 60 meters away from each other. Low-rise mansions with 2 flats on each floor bring nature and the magnificent Marmara Sea view into your home with their large balconies and floor-length windows. After making the flat plan that suits you, with options ranging from 1+1 to 4+1, all you have to do is take advantage of this privileged life. Sea View Flats For Sale In Istanbul is waiting for you so that you can live better and happier with your children.

Determining the best place to buy property in Istanbul depends on individual preferences and investment goals. However, one area that consistently stands out is Beşiktaş. Nestled along the Bosphorus, Beşiktaş offers a perfect blend of modern urban living and historical charm. The district is renowned for its upscale residences, vibrant street life, and stunning waterfront views.

The central location adds to its allure, with easy access to cultural attractions, trendy cafes, and bustling markets. The real estate market in Beşiktaş is dynamic, catering to a diverse range of property seekers, from those seeking luxurious apartments to those interested in historic homes. Whether for investment purposes or establishing a residence, Beşiktaş holds a special place as one of the most sought-after and prestigious areas for buying property in Istanbul.

Exterior 10 scaled

Istanbul unquestionably stands as a prime destination for real estate investment, drawing attention for its dynamic market, strategic location, and thriving economy. The city’s unique position bridging two continents, Europe and Asia, contributes to its cosmopolitan appeal. Istanbul’s real estate market has witnessed consistent growth, driven by a combination of robust demand, urban development initiatives, and a flourishing economy.

Various neighborhoods cater to diverse preferences, offering everything from historic properties with cultural significance to modern, high-end residences. The city’s status as a global hub, coupled with ongoing infrastructure projects such as new metro lines and improved transportation networks, further solidify its attractiveness for investors. Whether seeking short-term returns or long-term appreciation, Istanbul’s real estate market remains a promising avenue for those looking to make sound and lucrative investments in a city where history meets modernity.