What is the best area to invest in Istanbul, Turkey?

October 10, 2023

“Which Are the Most Profitable Investment Areas in Istanbul?”


For a land 500 meters from the Northern Marmara highway, a price of 1,095,000 Liras has been set for a 3022 square meter plot and comments are made about the opportunity. We continue with our research towards the other areas where the land will be sold, 1 KM to the new Airport, again for a 400 square meter plot, at a price of 1.100.000 Liras and without examining the opportunity.

A project will be designed for a project that can be obtained with the information to be obtained and the land prices that can be purchased with the information to be obtained for the land to be sold in Albania.

Seeing the information in the press, the land and field prices in Arnavutköy have tripled since the announcement of the Kanal Istanbul project, and the price of the zoned lands for the purpose of going and seeing in two years.


When we take a quick glance at the market, we see that 5700 square meters of land close to the main road in Beykoz Village sells for 5.700 Thousand Liras. In another, we come across with the information that the field was sold for Thousand Square Meters Thousand Lira 51. Again, information can be obtained about Raiç. Land prices, which were 80 liras in 2016, increased by 700 liras.


One of the essentials for the necessary adjustment of the metro to this district. Anyone who takes the subway from Sancak Tepe will be able to go to Sarıyer, Taksim, Atatürk Hava or Kartal, and Sancak Tepe can now reach him.

The picture looks like Istanbul Ormanancak gives light to the city from the Anatolian side, from the Aydos Forest of Sancak Tepe. As of today, it is between 1.100.000 – 1.300.000 Liras on lands of 300 – 500 square meters under market conditions.


Taya women’s Village was affiliated to Arnavutköy until 1972, while it was connected to Çatalca, after this date, it was connected to Gaziosmanpaşa and later on, in 2009, it was included in Arnavutköy. When we look at the market prices as of today, we encounter figures such as 600 thousand TL for a 1000 square meter land and 330 thousand TL for a 550 square meter land.


The region, whose old name was Terkos, is now known as Durusu. It is one of the regions where the Kanal Istanbul project takes place. Durusu is one of the regions on the European side that is increasing in value. It represents about 22% of Istanbul’s fresh water potential. When the market conditions are examined, the figures of 200-300 thousand TL for 200-300 square meters of land stand out.


Yeniköy, one of the most beautiful districts of the Bosphorus, is located on the Rumeli side between İstinye and Tarabya, one of the mukhtars of Sarıyer. When the market conditions are examined, the figures encountered are in the range of 350-450 thousand TL for 400-500 square meters.


Karaburun village, located within the boundaries of Arnavutköy, is 25 km from Istanbul. It is the coastal village with the most visited beaches after Kilyos. The region is considered as the holiday center of the future, and it is preparing to become a holiday center where the countries of the world will come and stay within the scope of the Black Sea Riviera Project. As for the land prices, he says that the market conditions vary between 200-700 thousand TL for 200-300 square meters.

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