Types of Residence Permits in Turkey

February 5, 2022

There are different types of residence permits in Turkey. The permissions in question are generally as follows.

Short Term

According to the foreigner’s law, an arrangement has been made for people who want to stay in Turkey for a short period of time. In accordance with this regulation, articles 28 and 29 and the conditions of a short-term residence permit have been determined in relation to this. A short-term residence permit is issued to persons who meet certain requirements. Foreign citizens can apply for a short-term residence permit in the following cases;

  • Those who come to Turkey for academic or scientific research,
  • Those who have real estate on the borders of Turkey,
  • Signatories to commercial partnerships,
  • Arrivals within the scope of the in-service training program,
  • Exchange programs, etc. on this occasion, those who came to Turkey for education,
  • Those who come to Turkey for tourism purposes and want to stay for a while,
  • Those who come to Turkey for treatment provided that they do not have a disease that will threaten general health,
  • Persons who, on judicial or administrative grounds, want official institutions to remain in Turkey,
  • Participants in courses to study the Turkish language,
  • They will participate in training, study, or internship programs with the support of official institutions,
  • Applicants who have completed higher education in Turkey and who have applied within 6 months following the graduation date have the right to obtain a short-term residence permit. 

After obtaining a short-term residence permit, the previously existing restriction on the entry and exit of foreigners abroad has been removed. the article on revoking the short-term residence permit of those who stay outside of Turkey for 90 days has been removed, giving owners of short-term residence permits wider freedoms.

Tourist Residence Permit

A tourist residence permit is a permit issued by the official authorities of the state in a certain region for foreign citizens to register. The tourist residence permit issued in our country for different periods of time is aimed at ensuring that tourists visiting our country can move more comfortably. The authorized institution in the State of the Republic of Turkey for the issue of a residence permit is the General Directorate of Migration Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “.”In order for a foreigner entering Turkey to become a fugitive and not be deported, he must have applied for a residence permit within 30 days based on the tariff at which he entered the country’s borders, which is legalized by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, the deportation of foreign persons is an inevitable result. 

If you are a traveler traveling from country to country and you are visiting Turkey for tourist purposes, you should have a tourist residence permit and eliminate possible problems in order to avoid any problems. If you apply to the relevant organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is possible to obtain a tourist residence permit for up to 1 year. 

The basic logic of successfully obtaining a tourist residence permit is that a person completes the necessary application before the visa expires. Otherwise, the applications of foreign persons who will be evaluated as fugitives may be concluded negatively and sent from the borders of Turkey. If you don’t want your tourist trip to turn into a disaster, you should apply for a tourist residence permit immediately.


Long-term residence permit in Turkey for eight uninterrupted years lived for the last three years has not received social assistance, adequate and valid health insurance and a regular source of livelihood is not a threat to public order and safety – immigration policies, except for the aliens that the board deems appropriate, may be granted to foreigners. In calculating the uninterrupted eight years specified in the conditions, half of the student residence permit period specified in Article 38 of the law and all other residence permits are counted. 

Considering the above-mentioned conditions, any foreign citizen who thinks that he has met the necessary conditions can apply for a long-term residence permit. The documents required for a long-term residence permit are as follows;

  • Long-term residence permit application form (The form can be obtained from the website of the institution to which the application will be made) JUL
  • Passport or passport replacement document
  • Photo (Biometric photo taken in the last 6 months)
  • Livelihood Certificate (It is a document indicating the financial situation of the person who will apply)
  • Health Insurance
  • Address declaration document
  • Criminal Record
  • A document indicating that he has not benefited from any social assistance in the last 3 years
  • Originals or photocopies of previously obtained residence permits

With the above documents, the application is successfully completed. The applicant institution must complete the application within 1 month at the latest.

Questioning the Residence Permit

A residence permit can be explained as a permit that foreign citizens from abroad apply for certain periods of time and allow them to live their lives without problems during the residence period. Although the residence permit is issued by the relevant ministry of each country according to certain conditions, applications can be quite intensive depending on the residence permit request to the country, and systemic intensity leads to the creation of alternative solutions. One of them is the residence permit appointment system and the residence permit inquiry system. 

The residence permit appointment system is a system that will be used by people who have not yet applied and do not have a document number to use the residence permit inquiry system. People who will apply with this system make an appointment to apply after preparing the application documents. The persons who have completed their application through the appointment process will wait for the application result within a 1-month period.

The residence permit inquiry screen is the place where the residence permit inquiry will be made with the help of document number and identification number, which should be followed up until 1 month after the application. It is possible to make any kind of residence permit inquiry process regardless of whether it is short-term or long-term on the residence permit inquiry screen. In the light of the information you will receive here, if you see that your application has turned out to be positive, you can take the necessary steps to obtain a residence permit document.

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