“Turkey is My New Home!” – Iranian Abudrreza Berzigari

April 18, 2022

Turkey is My New Home!

Abudrreza Berzigari is the owner of a company that continues its business activities in Iran. Berzigari often travels to Turkey because of his job. It’s not long since I realized that Istanbul is a complete love story for him. He experienced very serious changes in his life when he shifted his investments from the metal sector, where he continued his business activities, to real estate. Abdurreza Berzigari has benefited from profitable alternatives with his investments and Best House Turkey cooperation! He shares the advantages that investing in Turkey offers him!

Living in Turkey for an Iranian is Great

This is Abdurreza Berzigari. I am 40 years old and I am the head of a family-owned company that has been operating in the metal industry for many years. Although I have traveled a lot to Turkey due to commercial relations, I have never thought about settling in Turkey. Until I met Best House Turkey.

Turkey is a very strong country economically, as well as having strong historical and cultural ties with Iran. A large part of people in Iran admires Turkey. This admiration sometimes even causes us to live in Turkey. I also met with an investor friend who moved to Turkey and started living here during the period when I was in Turkey. I was quite impressed when he talked about his experience with Best House Turkey and the advantages of living in Turkey. When I came back, my first job was to share this situation with my family.

Maybe it would be very difficult to move to a different country, but the cultural ties between Turkey and Iran have caused my family to take a warm view of this idea. Family members accompanied me on most of my trips to Turkey and got the opportunity to explore the beauties of Turkey. As someone who spends 3-4 months of the year in Turkey due to commercial relations, it was quite logical for me to move to Turkey. But would Best House Turkey help me manage the whole process? It never took long to fix this problem!

Best House Turkey Supports Investors

When I contacted Best House Turkey, I thought we could get along in Turkish. However, the first detail that impressed me was that they were answering all my questions with their Persian-speaking sales consultants. It gave me the confidence to speak even the most technical topics in my mother tongue. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t meeting with an ordinary consulting firm. But the questions in my mind were still many. Because I had never invested in real estate in Turkey before, some issues were bothering me.

First, I wanted to find out how much of a budget and what kind of legal process I would face. Best House Turkey informed me that I can make investments in various cities of Turkey, especially Istanbul. That was pretty impressive. Because I thought I could only invest in Istanbul. They said that the budget would be completely shaped by me and that they had portfolios to meet every need.

The idea of buying real estate in Turkey had completely crossed my mind. However, I have said that I do not want to come and go to Turkey every time to choose the house. Because I had a company and I had to run my business somehow before I moved there by opening an office in Turkey. Best House Turkey stated that they will find the properties suitable for my requests and will share the necessary photos and videos. This was an impressive option for me.

Perfect Choice of Real Estate

Best House Turkey is a very important partner for investing in Turkey, while also offering trust and sincerity. They did not neglect to share all the pros and cons of real estate that they thought would not fit our needs. The selection of real estate was completed in about a few days. When the most crucial point of the process came, they were with me in carrying out the necessary legal process along with the real estate investment process.

The adventure of an Iranian to own a house in Turkey without knowing Turkish could never be so simple. Indeed, Best House Turkey has been able to successfully guide the whole process thanks to both its lawyers and sales consultants. When the process was completed and I got the keys to our house in my hands, I felt like I was in a dream. Because the whole process was completed in just 1 month.

Getting Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing Real Estate

One issue that I never had in mind when I was settling in Turkey was the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. Best House Turkey informed us about the process of buying our house and told us that all family members can now also have a Turkish identity. This was a very impressive end for us. We live in one of the most special spots of Istanbul. When our process of obtaining Turkish citizenship was completed, we would be continuing our life as a Turk.

Best House Turkey, which sincerely supported me and my family throughout the process, offered the opportunity to invest in real estate in Turkey. I think it is a great chance for me to have met with Best House Turkey.

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