How Should the Use of Color in Home Decoration Be?

April 18, 2022

How Should the Use of Color in Home Decoration Be?

The use of color in home decoration is of utmost importance for being able to achieve a decorative look. At this point, individuals should be extremely careful about their color preferences when decorating their homes.

Colorful living space design is not only fun but also turns inconspicuous rooms into real eye-catchers who want to linger. Some people feel comfortable in a brightly colored apartment, while others rely on simple, classic colors that blend in with their surroundings. But when choosing a color, it is important to pay attention to the fact that each color affects the atmosphere and effect of a room. That is why it is advisable to know some basic rules before you get to the brush. Now let’s look at the details about the use of color in the decoration of the bride’s home together.

Main and Secondary Color

When decorating a room, you should not stick to a single color, but instead, choose one main color and one or two intermediate colors. This creates diversity, and the room does not look too uniform. If you want to be safe, choose your favorite color in combination with white. But if you have the courage, you can dig deeper into the color pot and combine shades that differ greatly: for example, aquamarine and solar yellow, pink, and light green. Or you can combine similar colors, such as orange and red.

Paint the walls before use, first test the wall colors in the corresponding room. To do this, leave a painted wooden panel for several days. In this way, you can see how a hue changes under different lighting conditions.

When we enter a room, its colors directly affect our subconscious. Because the optic nerves transmit information to our brain. This calls up memories in an instant, weighing them down and determining how we feel. It is said that each color has a different effect, which should be borne in mind when choosing a color.

The Use of Yellow Color in Home Decoration

The yellow color is most often associated with the sun and means happiness and joy. Yellow also makes a room with little light look friendly and bright. Also, small rooms look larger. Yellow supports our concentration and creativity and therefore is ideal for study.

The Use of Green Color in Home Decoration

Dark green creates a sense of security. In order for the room not to look too gloomy, light or colorful accessories can be used. It usually looks cool if the room to be decorated is facing north. In this case, warm shades such as red, orange, and even yellow are recommended in all nuances. If, on the other hand, the sun shines often, you can also choose cooler shades of green or blue.

The proportions of a room also vary optically due to the color design. Small rooms should be painted in light colors. The large rooms, on the other hand, are convincing with strong colors. In addition, warm tones seem to greet us, while cold tones distract us. This means that red, orange, and yellow make the rooms look smaller and warmer, while blue and green create a visual dimension. yesil

Do you want your walls to look lower? Then paint the wall only about 25 centimeters below the ceiling. A room acquires optical height through vertical colored stripes and a white ceiling. A horizontal stripe on a short wall expands a narrow room.

The Use of Orange Color

Orange means optimism and joy of living. Just like yellow, this color improves your mood and makes a dark room look warm and cozy. It takes up the space of spacious rooms and gives them a feeling of comfort. Light nuances reflect the Mediterranean holiday mood. Orange also stimulates appetite. Therefore, it is often preferred in the kitchen and dining room.

The Use of Red Color in Decoration

Red is the color of fire, love, and passion. It means vitality and energy. But it also provokes unrest. Anyone who has been in a room painted in red feels that it is warmer than it is. In moderation, red has a stimulating effect, while a completely red room will make you aggressive. Therefore, it makes sense to use the color only selectively, for example, by painting only one wall or using red decorations.

The Use of Pink Color

Pink has a particularly romantic and delicate effect and, according to experts, reduces aggression. Rooms with furniture of this color look brighter, more intimate, and larger. That’s why pink is no longer just a cute color for a girl’s room. You can also create wonderful accents in the living room and bedroom.

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