How Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate?

August 26, 2022

Foreigners who want to buy a house (house) or land in Turkey should pay attention to the real
estate purchase procedures and conditions. Desiring to buy real estate without being bound by
the regulated conditions and transactions may cause the foreigner to lose his rights. Home
purchase procedures for foreigners are carried out within the framework of the legislation
currently in force in Turkey.
Accordingly, for foreigners to buy a house, just like other citizens, it depends on transferring
the title deed. This situation has the official form requirement as per the law. Accordingly, the
real estate sales contract will become valid with the signing of the official deed and
registration at the Land Registry Office. It is also possible to make a promise contract to
purchase a house. However, as a difference, immovable promise contracts must be made in
the presence of a notary public. Arrangements made without complying with the official form
requirements are null and void due to inconsistency with the form. Documents that must be
submitted to the Land Registry Directorate when foreigners purchase real estate are listed
under “Required Documents for Foreigners to Buy Real Estate.” With the completion of these
documents and the positive results of the necessary examinations, a foreign person can obtain
a real estate title in Turkey due to the registration process.
Conditions for Foreigners to Acquire Real Estate Buying a house in Turkey by foreigners is
subject to certain conditions. It is possible to reach these conditions through the Land Registry
Law. To obtain information about the conditions. In this section, we will talk about the needs
outside the borders. It should be noted that the sales contract is made in the Land Registry
Offices following the official form requirement. Official deeds and registration are issued in
this institution. Required documents must be submitted completely and accurately. Missing or
incorrect documents will prolong the process. We have mentioned below what these
documents are.
Permission must be obtained from the military authorities in the region, valid in some
districts, for the real estate to be purchased. So much so that if a real estate is located in a
military forbidden zone or in an area of strategic importance, the purchase of real estate may
not be allowed. Limits for Foreigners to Buy Real Estate Buying a house in Turkey by
foreigners has been subject to certain restrictions imposed by law and injunctions. According
to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, foreigners who want to buy a house in
Turkey can acquire a home in Turkey within these limitations. These restrictions are essential
for the integrity of the country’s territory. Suppose it is necessary to list the current
restrictions with the legal and injunction decisions. In that case, it is possible to make the
following order: The foreigner who wants to buy real estate must be one of the citizens of the
countries where it is allowed to buy real estate within the borders of the country.
For example, citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic cannot buy real estate within the borders of
our country today. Information about which country’s citizens can buy a house in Turkey can
be obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry or the Turkish Embassy and
Consulate. For Syrian citizens, we are making transactions by establishing a company on
behalf of the citizen and buying real estate on behalf of this company. Within the country’s
borders, a real foreign person can acquire up to 30 hectares of real estate or limited real rights.
A foreigner who wishes to purchase 30 hectares or more of immovable will not be able to
fulfill this request on legal restrictions. Another limitation of foreigners buying real estate is
that the foreigner who wants to buy real estate can only buy real estate up to 10% of the area
of the district where the real estate is located. There will be no legal restrictions on the
immovable pledges established for the trading company of foreigners. It is not possible for
foreign legal persons to purchase real estate in Turkey. However, since legal entities with
foreign capital are established in Turkey, they can buy real estate as long as they comply with
the necessary restrictions and conditions
Legal Limitations
Even in different cities, a foreign natural person cannot buy more than 30 hectares of real
estate in Turkey. However, the President can double this amount. Thus, a foreigner can
purchase a maximum of 60 hectares of real estate. The total area of the immovables cannot
exceed 10% of the district area subject to private ownership. If the immovable is within the
Special Security Zones, permission must be obtained from the governorship of the place
where the immovable is located. If the immovable is within the Military Security Zones,
permission must be obtained from the military authorities in the region.
If there is no structure, the project must be developed within 2 years and submitted to the
approval of the Ministry. Otherwise the real estate will be liquidated. In addition, if it is
immovable in agricultural land or protected area, the relevant ministries should be consulted
on the appropriateness of the sale of the immovable.
Purchase of Real Estate by Blue Card Holders
Those who are Turkish citizens by birth and lose their Turkish citizenship by obtaining
permission to leave, and their children who are transacted with them, and want to buy real
estate without legal restrictions, are treated like Turkish citizens.
Real Estate Purchase by TRNC Citizens
When TRNC citizens want to buy real estate in Turkey, they are treated like Turkish citizens
without any legal restrictions.
Purchasing Real Estate by Those with Dual Citizenship
When real persons who are citizens of both Turkish and different countries want to buy real
estate, Turkish citizenship is taken as the basis, and transactions are carried out according to
Turkish laws.
Acquisition of Real Estate by Stateless Persons
Stateless people can purchase real estate in Turkey within the general legal limitations, just
like any foreign citizen who can acquire real estate. However, at the time of application to the
land registry directorates, they must present stateless person identity documents issued by the
Turkish Citizenship Acquisition Through Real Estate Purchase
With the amendment made, foreigners who buy real estate worth at least 250.000 USD or
equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish Lira after 18.09.2018, provided that it is not sold for
three years in the title deed records, can acquire Turkish citizenship in an exceptional way.
(For real estate purchased between 12.01.2017 – 18.09.2018, it must be at least 1,000,000
Real Estate Sales by Foreigners
The foreigner who purchases real estate following the law may establish a pledge on the real
estate located in Turkey, rent the real estate or sell it.

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