Houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey for Pakistanis

May 22, 2024

Houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey for Pakistanis

Istanbul offers a variety of attractive housing options for Pakistanis looking to invest or settle in Turkey. The city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia make it an appealing destination. Istanbul’s real estate market provides a range of choices, from modern apartments in bustling districts like Taksim and Sisli to luxurious villas along the Bosphorus in areas such as Bebek and Arnavutköy.

For Pakistani buyers, the process is straightforward, with many real estate agencies offering services in multiple languages, including English and Urdu. Additionally, Istanbul’s growing economy and favorable property prices compared to other major cities make it a lucrative investment opportunity. Owning property in Istanbul not only offers a high standard of living but also eligibility for a residency permit, enhancing the appeal for Pakistani investors and families.

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A Pakistani passport holder can buy property in Turkey by following a series of straightforward steps. First, it’s essential to research and select a property, ideally with the help of a reputable real estate agent familiar with assisting foreign buyers. Once a property is chosen, obtain a Turkish tax identification number, which is necessary for all financial transactions in Turkey. 

This can be done at a local tax office with a valid passport. Next, open a Turkish bank account to facilitate the transfer of funds. It’s advisable to hire a local lawyer to conduct due diligence, ensuring the property has no legal issues or debts. After agreeing on the purchase terms, sign a sales contract and pay the necessary deposit. The final step involves transferring the title deed (TAPU) at the Land Registry Office, where both the buyer and seller, or their legal representatives, must be present. This process includes paying the required taxes and fees. Once the TAPU is issued, the Pakistani buyer officially owns the property in Turkey.

How Can I Buy Property in Turkey from Pakistan scaled

Buying property in Turkey from Pakistan involves a series of well-defined steps to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Start by conducting thorough research to identify the desired location and type of property, often with the assistance of a reputable estate agent who can provide detailed listings and virtual tours. Next, obtain a Turkish Tax Identification Number, which is essential for financial transactions in Turkey and can be facilitated through Turkish consulates or online portals.

Open a Turkish bank account to manage transaction funds and associated costs. It is highly recommended to hire a local lawyer to carry out due diligence and check for any legal issues, debts or liens on the property. Once a property has been selected, a purchase agreement is signed, usually after negotiating terms and agreeing on a price, and a deposit is paid. The final step is the transfer of the title deed (TAPU) at the local land registry office, a process that can be handled by a legal representative if you are not in Turkey. By following these steps and using reliable local assistance, buying property in Turkey from Pakistan can be a safe and rewarding investment.

  • Passport or identity document of both buyer and seller
  • Translation of documents
  • Current title deed of the immovable
  • 3 months valid property valuation report
  • Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP)
  • An interpreter if one or both parties do not speak Turkish

If you do not have time to be physically present in Turkey, you can appoint a representative with a Power of Attorney to complete the transaction on your behalf.

Yes, it is possible for Pakistanis to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. Turkey offers a Citizenship by Investment Program that allows foreign nationals, including Pakistanis, to acquire citizenship by making a qualifying investment. One of the most popular options is purchasing real estate worth at least $400,000. The property must be retained for a minimum of three years. Other investment routes include making a capital investment of $500,000 or creating jobs for at least 50 Turkish citizens. Once the investment is confirmed, the applicant can apply for citizenship, and the process typically takes between three to six months. This pathway provides not only Turkish citizenship but also the ability to live, work, and study in Turkey, along with access to its robust healthcare and education systems.

  • Since there is no time limit for residence in Turkey and there is no obligation for permanent residence, you can continue to live abroad as a Turkish citizen.
  • All transactions regarding real estate investments are facilitated for citizens.
  • Travelling to more than 100 countries with a Turkish passport is visa-free.
  • And finally, citizenship rights are recognised for all family members, including spouses and dependent children under the age of 18.

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