Antalya Real Estate for Sale

April 19, 2024

Antalya Real Estate for Sale

Discover an exceptional opportunity to own a slice of paradise with Antalya real estate for sale. Nestled along the stunning Mediterranean coast, Antalya offers a picturesque backdrop of turquoise waters, lush greenery, and ancient ruins, making it a dream destination for homeowners and investors alike. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious beachfront villa, a modern apartment with panoramic sea views, or a charming property in the historic Old Town, Antalya’s real estate market caters to a diverse range of preferences and budgets. With a booming tourism industry, excellent infrastructure, and a Mediterranean climate, Antalya presents not only an idyllic setting for a vacation home but also promising opportunities for rental income and capital appreciation. Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle and explore the unparalleled beauty and investment potential of Antalya’s real estate offerings.

Is Antalya a Good Place to Buy Property

Among the most popular areas for property buyers looking for a comfortable lifestyle and/or a lucrative investment are Antalya’s best inner-city districts, Konyaaltı, Lara, Kepez, Altintas and Döşemealtı, as well as districts further afield. Kundu, Belek, Alanya and Kemer.

Each district has its own unique and attractive characteristics that appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. Let’s take a look at the most popular locations for foreign property buyers in Antalya.

Situated on the outskirts of the city center, Konyaaltı offers a vibrant blend of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, making it a multifaceted neighborhood. Renowned for its expansive 7-kilometer coastline, flanked by the majestic Beydaglari mountains, it has become a sought-after destination for beach vacations. The development of Boğaçay has further fueled interest among property investors, adding to the area’s allure. Konyaaltı’s Turkish Riviera is renowned for attracting mega-yachts, underscoring its global reputation. Modern residences are predominantly found within inclusive living complexes, featuring amenities like swimming pools and fitness areas. Apartment and penthouse living reign supreme, affording residents stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lara Beach is known not only for its sprawling all-inclusive hotels that attract tourists from around the world, but also for its popularity among locals. With Duden Park and its expansive sandy beach, as well as an abundance of dining, shopping and leisure options, residents enjoy a wealth of amenities on their doorstep. For property investors, the high visibility of this neighbourhood makes it a prime location, especially during the busy tourist season. Outdoor enthusiasts will find Lara Beach particularly appealing.

Sea-view apartments and penthouses abound, making it a sought-after summer retreat for international visitors as well as urbanites from Istanbul and other major cities. Many contemporary residences are nestled within upscale residential complexes, offering a range of exclusive privileges.

Kepez, an up-and-coming district in Antalya, is undergoing rapid development with the emergence of modern residential complexes, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and commercial establishments. Its appeal lies in its relatively affordable land prices, making it a magnet for savvy investors looking for optimal returns on their investments. Although it does not have a beach like Lara or Konyaaltı, Kepez has a well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of attractions to keep visitors occupied. From amusement parks and shopping centres to the enchanting Düden Waterfall, a zoo and a racecourse, the area offers a wealth of entertainment.

Renowned for its high quality apartments and penthouses, Kepez offers a lifestyle that lends itself to year-round living. Most of the new developments in the area are conveniently located close to the tram, ensuring residents enjoy a seamless and convenient lifestyle.

Alanya is emerging as the top choice for buying a holiday home in Antalya due to its affordability, favourable climate, picturesque beaches and laid-back lifestyle. The town prides itself on its exceptional support for foreign residents who wish to integrate seamlessly into local life. Once a hidden gem, Alanya gained prominence with the establishment of Gazipaşa Airport, transforming it into a sought-after destination for tourists and expatriates alike. Foreign investors looking at Antalya shouldn’t overlook Alanya, which sits at the easternmost tip of the region.

For those on a budget, Avsallar is an attractive option, while tourists tend to gravitate towards Tosmur and Kestel. The central areas of Guller Pinari, Hisarici and Saray Mahallesi in Alanya are also worth considering. Alternatively, those seeking seaside living may find solace in Konakli, Mahmutlar or the famous Cleopatra’s Beach.

Alanya offers a wide range of property, from apartments to villas, often in modern and exclusive developments. It is also possible to secure a quality property with sea views at a reasonable price in this coastal resort.

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Antalya, Kemer epitomises the essence of a seaside summer resort, boasting pristine blue flag beaches, opulent 5-star resorts and a vibrant social scene that attracts millions of visitors each year. Known for its appeal to Russian and British tourists, many of whom have chosen to make it their permanent home, Kemer exudes a captivating charm.

Beyond its shores, Kemer offers easy access to a wealth of historical treasures, including the ancient wonders of Olimpos, Alacasu Paradise Cove, Phaselis and the majestic Mount Tahtalı.

Kemer’s appeal extends to its luxurious villas, many of which have private pools, lush gardens and convenient parking, making them an idyllic choice for those seeking tranquillity in Antalya. While most properties are close to the coastline, Kemer’s rugged terrain means that sea views are rare. However, many residences boast awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains, adding to the area’s appeal.

Is Antalya Cheap to Live in

Antalya offers a relatively affordable cost of living compared to many European cities, making it an attractive destination for expatriates, retirees and digital nomads seeking a high quality of life without breaking the bank. While living expenses such as accommodation, food and dining out can vary depending on lifestyle choices and preferences, Antalya generally offers excellent value for money. With affordable housing options, a diverse range of amenities and a thriving expat community, residents can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without sacrificing quality. In addition, the city’s Mediterranean climate, stunning natural scenery and rich cultural heritage add to its appeal as a cost-effective and desirable place to live. Whether you’re looking to settle permanently or enjoy an extended stay, Antalya offers an enticing combination of affordability and lifestyle benefits.

Can a Foreigner Buy a House in Antalya

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Antalya, Turkey. In fact, Turkey has relatively liberal property ownership laws, making it attractive to foreign investors and those looking for a second home or holiday property. However, there are certain regulations and procedures that foreigners must follow when buying property in Antalya or any other part of Turkey. Generally, non-Turkish nationals are allowed to buy property in Turkey on the basis of reciprocity, meaning that citizens of countries that allow Turkish nationals to buy property in their country are granted the same right in Turkey.

Foreigners are required to obtain a Turkish tax number, open a Turkish bank account and obtain military clearance to purchase property. It’s also advisable to work with a reputable estate agent and legal advisor to ensure a smooth purchase process and compliance with all legal requirements. Overall, buying property in Antalya as a foreigner is feasible and can provide an excellent investment opportunity or lifestyle choice.

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Determining the district with the cheapest property in Antalya involves various factors such as location, amenities and property type. However, some areas are generally known for offering more affordable housing options. Districts such as Kepez and Konyaaltı are often considered to have relatively lower property prices compared to more upmarket neighbourhoods in Antalya. These districts offer a mix of residential areas, local markets and basic amenities, making them attractive to budget-conscious buyers or investors looking for affordable properties.

While prices may vary depending on specific locations within each district and the condition of the properties, Kepez and Konyaaltı offer opportunities for those looking to enter the Antalya property market without breaking the bank. It’s important for prospective buyers to conduct thorough research, consult with local property experts and consider their preferences and budget constraints when exploring the most affordable property options in Antalya.

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