Can I take a Turkish citizenship by buying a home?

October 10, 2023


Turkey is a country with seas on three sides and the reality of its inhabitants. It has its cities and its food with its food. There are many ways you can discredit your investments. There are many useful opportunities for those who need to be peaceful and a country. Each local unique design venues venues. You can enjoy nature and life-related dishes with a full of Turkish citizenship with its natural beauties and sea, luxury and affordable features.

Last year, it was bought by 58,576 foreigners and applied for Turkish citizenship through 25,000. In, the country came in with the rising value of real estate prices. With its special and perfectionist business disciplines, it offers the best deals and after-sales assistance to car rental options. Turkish citizenship purchases must be $250,000 or more to obtain information about the purchase. It offers many advantages of having Turkish citizenship! Lastly, don’t just plan your own as a home owner can be acceptable, let you be the boss.

Foreign nationals can acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing a house. For example, a villa for sale in Alanya. Thus, the opportunity for a more comfortable life in Turkey is created. The right to acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing a house was first introduced with the law dated 18.09.2018. For payment purposes, you must have an account with Turkish banks and all money transfers must be made through Turkish banks. After the transfer takes place, you can make your citizenship applications to the state offices through a notary public and wait for the decision stage. This process usually takes three to six months. When you have Turkish citizenship, your family will have the opportunity to gain this right. The administration of the Republic of Turkey offers you the opportunity to live with your family.

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