Are You Lookıng For Property For Sale In Turkey? Here’s What You Need To Know

January 10, 2023

Are you looking for real estate in Turkey? Here are the do's and don'ts

If you are looking for property for sale in Turkey, it is important not to enter with two feet. Although we always say that selling Turkey is fast and easy especially compared to other countries, there are still things to know about real estate in Turkey to ensure that the pressure is minimal. Also, you want to make sure that you are happy with your long-term Turkish property purchase. Finally, while many people don’t view their dream home as an investment, you should. Turkish property is part of your net worth and is a legacy for your long-term dependents. Every week we receive many questions about houses and villas in Turkey, location, investment, Turkish citizenship and more from buyers who come to our website. So we’ve compiled them all into one easy-to-read article. If in the end you still have questions about infrastructure in Turkey, give us a call. About the houses for sale in Turkey.

Are Turkish property prices falling?

No, property prices in Turkey continue to rise with no signs of slowing down. According to Eurostat, house prices in Turkey increased by 35% in the second quarter of last year compared to the first quarter. Since 2015, they have increased by 482%. However, this housing trend is not specific to every country as many countries have seen a dramatic increase in housing and housing since COVID.

Is it cheaper to buy something in Turkey?

Property for sale in Turkey is cheaper than in many other countries. However, don’t forget to consider the location. For example, a house or villa in Antalya, Kusadasi, Bodrum or Alanya is cheaper than in Istanbul. Buyers should also remember the purchase fee, around 8-10%. When people buy a house or villa in Turkey through us, we offer a payment plan before signing the sales contract, so they know exactly what they have to pay and when.

Get Turkish citizenship by buying a house?

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Yes, buyers can get Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate. The property must be worth at least $400,000 and you agree to hold the property for at least three years. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through this method also entitles you to a Turkish passport. 

Is buying property in Turkey risky?

Buying a house in Turkey is a good investment if buyers follow the rules. At this time, real estate agents in Turkey must have a license and be able to sell land, houses or villas. Although an attorney is not necessary, we recommend that you use one to protect your money. Also, don’t give money; make sure the process is well-documented using paper. Also avoid unscanned properties. This is a residence permit, and buying a house or villa without it can reduce the value by up to 50%.

Is it worth buying a house in Turkey? 

Yes, it is worth buying property in Turkey to invest in a residence or spend your summer vacation. The key to getting the right amount of money and equipment is situation analysis. For example, investors in the Altinbas district of Antalya have seen a significant increase in housing prices due to the shortage of housing in Konyaalti and Lara districts. The increase in demand was seen long before it happened. Stop going back to the old house or villa. This does not work in Turkey because architecture and standards have improved over the past two decades. However, the old issues of location are still relevant, so look at urban development, amenities, infrastructure and the use of resources by local councils. Other than that, buyers can expect a good climate, a beautiful city with good accommodation, low prices, a comfortable lifestyle and access to an airport every year. new, especially those in Istanbul.

What is the average price of a house in Turkey?

Property prices in Turkey vary depending on location and other features. Like other real estate markets, private pools, ocean views, landscaped gardens, dressing rooms, air conditioning, bedrooms and penthouses make a difference. Istanbul is the most expensive place for housing in Turkey, while on the Aegean coast, Didim is known as the cheapest place for housing.
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Is the property purchase process different for foreigners?

The only way that buying a house or villa in Turkey is different for foreign buyers is that Turkish law requires them to use a translator at a notary office when processing the contract. Also, when you register documents to facilitate the final sale in the registration office. Other than that, everything else is the same, but if the money and documents are in it, the buyers can close the sale and get the title on the house or the house and around 1 -7 days.

What do you want to buy a house or villa in Turkey?

All you need is a passport, tax number and bank account. Any sale in Turkey must be done through the official banking system, so the account. We take all our customers to the local tax office for a tax number, and you will get your number quickly and easily. 

 What about living in Turkey?

 You can get a residence visa quickly if you have a house in Turkey; However, be sure to use a government agency to protect your interests; Register your property in your sole name. Only members named on the permit can apply for residency in Turkey.

Where is the best place to buy Turkish Real Estate?

There are many places to buy things in Turkey. Check them all out by searching our website here. Each listing also has everything you need to know, including the sale price, house plan and contact details to find out more or arrange a viewing. Our property listings are in various locations including Istanbul, Fethiye, etc. Alternatively, our consultants are ready by phone to answer all your questions about properties for sale in Turkey, or please leave a message through our contact page. We offer comprehensive services to help everyone.


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This is where all the real estate investors go, thanks to the great houses for sale with 0% interest and long-term payment plans. For cheap houses for sale in Istanbul, popular areas include the suburbs on the European side, such as Basaksehir and Beylikduzu. Also, a lot of money has gone into Istanbul’s airport, bridges and roads. Since the city is also the capital, business, finance and education, Istanbul is still the best city to live.


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Located on the Turkish Riviera, Antalya does an excellent job of providing affordable homes for sale to investors and those looking for a family vacation home by the sea. Also located on the D400 highway, Antalya city center is a hub for surrounding areas such as Alanya Resort, Kemer, Side and Belek Gulf. Antalya also has the best beaches in Turkey, which is great for seaside resorts.


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Also along the Riviera and the sea we come to the Fethiye area, which attracts tourists and holidaymakers. The Fethiye area is known for its affordable housing and commercial properties and is broken down into the smaller areas of Calais plage, Hisaronu, Ovacik and Oludeniz. Buying a property in downtown Fethiye also means benefiting from a great port.


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Meanwhile, on the Aegean coast, the Bodrum Peninsula offers luxury cruise facilities with parks. Spread across the smaller resorts, there are also many areas with affordable homes for sale. For the ultimate in luxury, check out Yalikavak, which has been a luxury destination for over two decades thanks to mega-ships.

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We are Best House, a real estate company with offices in all cities including Istanbul, Bodrum, Kalkan, Fethiye and Antalya. Every year we host thousands of property viewing tours. Some are well prepared with questions, while others are nervous because they don’t know how the real estate industry works. So, we have compiled our tips and advice to prepare a visit to properties for sale to ensure you get the right property.

About registration in Turkey

Every buyer has questions about registration in Turkey. Otherwise known as Turkish tapu, the title is more important than bricks and mortar. This deed shows that you own the property. Turkish title deeds include various information about the location and type of property. The Turkish land registrar processes all permits for properties, this article looks at what you will have to pay to get them and breaks down the translation for your property title document in Turkey.

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