7 Reasons to Buy Property in Antalya

February 2, 2023

Antalya, which consists of the city center and small resorts, is not only the second most popular holiday destination in Turkey, but it is also the second most popular for foreign real estate sales.

Real estate investments, vacation homes and retirement homes are just some of the things that make Antalya a great place for buyers.

Here are the main reasons why foreigners choose to buy property in Antalya.

Real Estate Prices

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The value of the Turkish lira against the dollar, euro and other currencies is now important for foreign investors. Therefore, property prices in Antalya are competitive with other cities in Europe that offer the same quality. Also, Antalya is better than Istanbul when it comes to real estate prices when comparing the two most popular real estate markets in Turkey.

Range of Property Portfolio

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The construction companies and builders in the Antalya region are doing an excellent job to meet the needs of both budget and luxury buyers due to the variety of the area. As a result, there are many apartments, luxury homes and other housing options with modern technology for everyone.

Investment Opportunity

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The Antalya real estate market is still in the early stages of development, which means you can expect a good return on your investment. Antalya has a thriving residential market, making it a great place for a rental investment.

Antalya‘s year-round lifestyle means that both long-term rentals and holiday rentals are great options. Also, the houses in Antalya do not stop offering great quality to meet the high demand.

Year-Round Living

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Antalya is big enough to offer everything you need, but compact enough to navigate easily. It is considered as a developed city that offers a simple and inexpensive way of life.

The year-round warm climate and 300 days of sunshine per year are one of the many advantages of living in Antalya. Those who want to spend as much time as possible basking in the sun are especially attracted to the beauty of the weather throughout the year.

There are always interesting things to do in Antalya, including discovering the history of the city by visiting historical monuments, ruins, theaters, museums and the old town, as well as enjoying recreational activities such as golf, rafting, skiing, rock climbing, canyoning and playgrounds. diving, among other outdoor activities. Antalya is one of the largest in the country. Due to Antalya’s successful tourism industry, there are many foreigners and Turkish people who speak different languages ​​such as English, Russian and German, making it easy for home owners to foreign countries easy to get into everyday life.

Turkey’s Most Beautiful Beaches

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The atmosphere by the sea is always pleasant. Sea breeze, cool water for swimming and sand between your toes are just some of the pleasures of the beach. In terms of the beaches chosen by TripAdvisor users, Antalya is ahead of the competition.

Also, with the Blue Flag, Antalya is one of the top five beaches in the world. Konyaalti, Cleopatras and Kaputas are three of the most popular beaches in the region that attract thousands of visitors every year. The all-inclusive resort and annual sand festival also make Kundu Lara Beach famous.

Travel Links & Transportation

Antalya Airport Guide in Turkey

Due to its technologically advanced airport, Antalya can be accessed from all over the world. It is the country’s busiest airport for international visitors.

The D400 motorway, which runs from the East to the West, connects Antalya to the rest of Turkey, making it easy to travel around the country.

The transportation network is important for all those buying property in Turkey, and Antalya delivers on all fronts. One of Turkey’s most remarkable bus systems and one of the country’s top airports makes Antalya an ideal destination. 

Cost of Living

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The cost of living in Turkey is lower than many other countries, especially when compared to European countries. Many foreigners take advantage of the currency exchange rate when they exchange their currency for Turkish Lira. They like the current exchange rate, which makes living in Antalya more expensive. Best House Turkey can help you find the best apartment in Antalya!

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