Where To Buy An Investment House In Turkey?

November 14, 2022

Thousands of citizens in Turkey are searching for the most suitable places to buy a house according to their budget. The result of research carried out in this context has been announced. From which city to buy a house in Turkey? Where to buy an investment flat in Istanbul? questions found their answers. Here are the details of the news that is closely related to home buyers.

While the longest depreciation period was in Muğla with 31 years, Muğla was followed by Kayseri with 28 years, Trabzon and Aydın with 27 years, Balıkesir with 26 years, Ordu with 25 years and Manisa with 24 years.

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Muğla was at the top of the list of average residential sales in square meters among the provinces in question, with 7,771 liras.

  • Muğla was followed by Istanbul with 4 thousand 587 liras,
  • Aydın with 4 thousand 169 liras,
  • Izmir with 4 thousand 142 liras,
  • Antalya with 3 thousand 829 liras,
  • Çanakkale with 3 thousand 423 liras,
  • Balıkesir with 3 thousand 343 liras,
  • Denizli and Yalova with 2 thousand 862 liras,
  • Gaziantep with 2 thousand 837 liras.
  • Bursa followed with 2 thousand 786 liras.
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Average sales value is;

  • 2 thousand 740 liras in Manisa,
  • 2 thousand 725 liras in Eskişehir,
  • 2 thousand 585 liras in Kocaeli,
  • 2 thousand 579 liras in Sakarya,
  • 2 thousand 525 liras in Samsun,
  • 2 thousand 505 liras in Adana,
  • 2 thousand 435 liras in Ordu,
  • 2 thousand 399 liras in Trabzon,
  • 2 thousand 398 liras in Mersin,
  • 2 thousand 394 liras in Ankara,
  • 2 thousand 269 liras in Kahramanmaraş.
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While the city with the lowest average sales value among the mentioned provinces was determined as Şanlıurfa with 1,851 liras,

  • Şanlıurfa was followed by Hatay with 1,989 liras.
  • Kayseri with 2 thousand 38 liras,
  • Malatya with 2 thousand 55 liras,
  • Elazig with 2 thousand 74 liras,
  • Konya with 2 thousand 136 liras,
  • Diyarbakir 2 thousand 150 liras
  • Tekirdağ followed with 2 thousand 185 liras.
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Experts said that with the global epidemic, significant changes were seen in the real estate sector, and although there was a decrease the first time, sales increased very rapidly in the summer months with the effect of the campaign.

While it is stated that the demand for larger, gardens and balconies, even detached houses has increased, there has been a serious increase in demand for summer areas with the spread of remote working.

It is stated that Istanbul leads with 269 thousand units in terms of the number of residences waiting to be sold, followed by Ankara with 139 thousand units and Izmir with 85 thousand units.

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