What’s the price range to buy a studio apartment in Turkey

August 12, 2022

Today, most people prefer to live in studio apartments. These residences usually
consist of 1+0 or 1+1 structures built in many big cities. These structures are
basic needs; It is a type of residence that contains sufficient areas to meet the
needs of resting, eating, sleeping, and cleaning. In such houses, generally in big
cities; Residence is provided by students who have a university education,
people living alone, single people who have broken their ties with their families,
and people who have been in a different city for a certain period of time for the
purpose of civil service or professional work.
The studio flats built in the form of 1+0 or 1+1 offer an advantage in meeting all
needs of people in these classes. Because this type of house; creates an
advantage for users with its features such as the items placed inside, easy
heating methods, and easy cleaning. In 1+0 apartment examples, where sleeping,
eating, watching TV, resting, welcoming guests, and working areas are usually
combined, all the furniture and white goods needed in a small area create a
practical and beneficial use.
As a result of modernization in cities, studio apartments are increasing in
number and offer serious advantages for investors. Although studio house prices
vary according to the area of use, location, and features of the house in square
meters, they are less than standard houses. Those who want to buy a house and
earn regular rental income experience the profitability of studio apartments,
while single people or university students enjoy the comfort of studio
How many square meters is the studio flat?
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According to the new regulation, studio flats must be at least 27 square meters.
Examples of studio flats built in Turkey
While the population is increasing day by day in Turkey, especially in
metropolitan cities, most people prefer studio flats to living alone. Depending on
the building cultures of the cities and the size of the construction sector, these
types of apartments are sometimes built in normal apartments in the city and
sometimes in residences and complexes. These houses can provide an advantage
in terms of settlement in a city such as İzmir or Şanlıurfa, especially by being
built in city centers or in areas where access to important points is very easy.
Homeowners have the chance to find more customers by making a pleasant and
high-quality decoration application in these residences and by offering the flat
for rent with all the necessary furniture. In addition, this situation creates an
advantageous rental system for people who want to rent this type of flat.
Not Every Studio Apartment Is The Same
The primary thing to know about studio apartments is that there are generally
two different types of studio apartments. In the first type of studio apartment, no
part of the house is separated except the bathroom. This type of flat is preferred
by both those who live alone and those who use studio flats as a working area.
In another type of studio apartment, both the bedroom and bathroom are
separated from the rest of the house. The second type of studio apartment is
preferred by families of two who care about their privacy in their homes or those
who have roommates.
Studio Apartments are Affordable for Both Investors and Tenants
Studio apartments are structures designed to respond to the new needs emerging
with modern city life. These apartments, which have a small area compared to
2+1 or 3+1 apartment types, are also the apple of the eye of investors. Studio
apartments, which offer the opportunity to own a house at affordable prices,
even pay off their investment costs in a short time. Near the university or in
locations where business centers are dense, these apartments, which have almost
no tenant problems, increase the comfort of those looking for a house with
affordable rental prices.
Studio Apartments Have Less Monthly Expenses
The small area of the studio apartments also reduces the essential monthly
expenses. Studio apartments with low heating and cooling costs provide very
advantageous results for those living in these houses. Moreover, the fact that
these houses are easy to clean and their electricity bills are low compared to
large apartments make studio apartments more economical; This information is
among the factors that make renting the house easier.
What are the Advantages of Studio Apartment Investments?
As we have just mentioned, the biggest advantage of studio apartments for
investors is their cost-effectiveness. Especially in this process where house
prices fluctuate, flat studio investments are considered quite logical.
Another advantage of studio flat investments is related to affordability. When
flat studio owners want to sell their homes, affordability also comes into play at
this stage and makes it possible to sell the house easily and quickly.
One of the most important advantages of studio apartments is that they can serve
their purpose as they are usually bought to be rented out. Studio apartments,
which are in high demand by white-collar workers, singles and students, provide
regular rent to their investors. Of course, finding reliable tenants at this point is
another matter.
Istanbul Rental Flat Prices
Rental flat prices in Istanbul range from 3.044 TL (about 173 USD) in the Silivri
region to 17,646 TL (about 1.000 USD) in Sarıyer.
While the average price of a standard 3+1 flat in Istanbul is 5.088 TL (about 290
USD), it can go down to 4.972 TL (about 280 USD) in 1+1 houses and studios.
Prices have increased by 35.44% in the last 1 year and by 453.7% in the last ten
years, and the average rental return period is 20 years.
Regional Prices of Rental Houses in Istanbul
If we look at the house prices for sale in Istanbul, according to the five districts
with the most ads:
Beşiktaş Flat for Rent: 12,407 TL (about 710 USD)
Flat for Rent in Şişli: 9.928 TL (about 560 USD)
Flat for Rent in Sariyer: 17.516 TL (1000 USD)
Flat for Rent in Kadıköy: 9.926 TL (about 560 USD)
Flat for Rent in Esenyurt: 4.963 TL (about 280 USD)

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