The Process of Buying Real Estate from Turkey by Foreigners

April 3, 2022

Foreign citizens who want to buy a house in Turkey must first make an appointment to perform the title deed transfer process. The documents required to perform a real estate sale transaction to foreign citizens are as follows:

  • Real estate title deed
  • Identity document or passport (Translation of these documents may be requested if necessary.)
  • Real estate registration certificate received from the municipality
  • Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK) policy
  • Real estate valuation report

In addition, it is also necessary to obtain a real estate appraisal report. The real estate valuation report is considered valid for 3 months from the date of publication. It is also necessary to register the appraisal report indicating the value of the real estate in the period to be purchased in the online TRACKING system of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

If a power of attorney is to be processed, an original and certified copy of the power of attorney issued abroad is required. If one of the parties does not speak Turkish, the transactions must be made with a sworn translator.

Things to Know Before Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Foreign citizens who want to buy a house in Turkey must obtain the following information before the sale process:

  • First of all, an application must be submitted to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and the Land Registry Directorates or the Embassies /Consulates of the Republic of Turkey. According to this application, it can be found out which country citizens can buy real estate in Turkey.
  • Various real estate that is desired to be purchased should not be within the borders of the military security zone. This situation can be determined by the Land Registry Office through its authorized command. If the real estate to be purchased is within the boundaries of the security zone, it is not possible to sell the house to foreigners. 
  • After receiving detailed information about the restrictions imposed on the purchase of the real estate of foreign citizens in Turkey, the sale process can be carried out.

Real Estate Consulting for Foreigners

Turkey is one of the regions where real estate investments are most interesting for foreigners. The fact that our country is a center of attraction both geographically and culturally allows real estate investments to increase. Our company provides consultancy services to investors who want to make real estate investments in Turkey. Within this framework, the goal is to contribute to making the investment profitable and sustainable. 

Considering the nature and importance of real estate consultancy, our company, which provides very special solutions, cares about the sustainability of investments. Within the framework of this approach, it provides solutions to foreigners with the following services.

Real Estate Research

The expectations of foreigners about owning real estate in Turkey are different. Within this framework, we evaluate how an investment is desirable with our real estate investment consultants and determine the appropriate alternatives to it. We carry out real estate research without ignoring that profitability is important, but with an approach that will meet the expectation decisively.

Choosing and Buying Real Estate 

We are constantly keeping the communication channels active with our consultants who speak foreign languages during the selection process when creating solutions for houses, residences, workplaces, or another real estate. Thus, we ensure that the most ideal results are obtained in the selection of real estate. After the selection is made with satisfaction by the investor, we also conclude the purchase stage quickly.

While eliminating the concerns of foreign investors in real estate purchasing processes, we also take care of the rapid completion of the process. 

Turkish Citizenship Application Processes

One of the main motivations of foreigners to invest in Turkey is to obtain Turkish citizenship. The fact that Turkey is a country where political and economic stability comes to the fore, as well as a bridge between Asia and Europe, makes Turkish citizenship valuable. Within this framework, our real estate investment consultants manage to create solutions in accordance with the demands.

We provide excellent services for the preparation of the necessary documents for Turkish citizenship, the preparation of applications, and the follow-up of the result. We are taking an effective approach in order to achieve successful results in the light of the applications that our investment experts have made many times before. 

With an experienced team and our company acting with the understanding of providing the best solution to the expectations, it will be perfect for foreigners to invest in Turkey. You can get professional support to ensure that your investment reaches a profitable point in a short time.

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