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Embrace the enchantment of Istanbul with a Bosphorus house for sale. These prestigious properties line the legendary Bosphorus Strait, offering unparalleled views of the city’s iconic skyline and the shimmering waters that connect Europe and Asia. Whether you desire a historic mansion steeped in Ottoman charm or a contemporary masterpiece with all the luxuries of modern living, Istanbul’s Bosphorus houses cater to diverse tastes. With private access to the Bosphorus, these residences allow you to savor the city’s maritime beauty from the comfort of your home. Owning a Bosphorus house isn’t just about acquiring real estate; it’s about acquiring a piece of Istanbul’s rich history and its vibrant, ever-evolving present. It’s a gateway to a lifestyle where the Bosphorus becomes a part of your daily panorama, making it an unrivaled investment in Istanbul’s iconic waterside living experience.

This Mansion Located Bosphourus Line in Europen Side of Istanbul

Nestled in the heart of Ortakoy, along the coveted Bosphorus shoreline on Istanbul’s European side, this mansion is a true gem of waterfront living. Its prime location offers residents a front-row seat to the ever-changing scenery of the Bosphorus, with iconic landmarks such as the Ortakoy Mosque and the Bosphorus Bridge framing the view. This historic district combines the allure of tradition with the vibrancy of modernity, making it an ideal setting for this magnificent mansion. With its rich architectural heritage, luxurious amenities, and direct access to the Bosphorus, this property represents the pinnacle of Istanbul’s prestigious waterside living experience.


Nestled within the charming Ortakoy district, this Bosphorus view house encapsulates the essence of Istanbul’s enchanting waterfront living. Perched on the European side of the city, it offers sweeping panoramic views of the Bosphorus, where the waters flow gracefully between Europe and Asia. This prime location provides residents with a front-row seat to the vibrant life of the strait, where ferries glide by and the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Ortakoy Mosque, create a captivating backdrop. The house itself blends timeless elegance with modern comforts, offering a sanctuary that celebrates Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage while embracing the contemporary lifestyle. Owning a Bosphorus view house in Ortakoy is an invitation to experience Istanbul’s beauty and history from the comfort of your own home, making it a truly exceptional investment in the city’s captivating waterside location.


Nestled in close proximity to the charming neighborhood of Bebek, this house enjoys a coveted location in Istanbul that combines urban convenience with natural beauty. Bebek, situated along the Bosphorus shoreline, offers an idyllic retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. With its leafy streets, seaside promenade, and a bustling array of cafes and boutiques, it’s a delightful place for leisurely strolls and relaxed afternoons. This house, located nearby, allows residents to revel in the tranquility of Bebek while still enjoying easy access to Istanbul’s vibrant cultural and commercial hubs. It’s a perfect blend of suburban serenity and urban accessibility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the best of both worlds in this dynamic city.


If you dream of waking up to the soothing sights and sounds of the Bosphorus, then your search for the perfect waterside residence ends here. Istanbul’s enchanting Bosphorus offers a mesmerizing backdrop for those seeking a unique living experience. Whether it’s a historic mansion exuding old-world charm or a modern apartment with sleek contemporary design, these waterside residences provide not only luxurious comfort but also the privilege of having the Bosphorus as your constant companion. The gentle lapping of the waves, the panoramic views of the bustling strait, and the iconic landmarks like the Bosphorus Bridge create an ambiance that’s second to none. Owning a waterside residence with a Bosphorus view is not just about acquiring property; it’s about acquiring a piece of Istanbul’s heart and soul, where tradition meets modernity in the most enchanting way.


Located on Muallim Naci Street, Yalı Cracked Street, the waterside mansion has been brought closer to the traditional style. The waterside mansion, which was a 19th century structure, burned down in 1975, and the current building was built in 1982. It is a large waterside mansion with three and a half floors on the sea front, a lighthouse on the roof, and a boathouse. On the street front; The building, which looks like two buildings on top of each other with separate dimensions and is also known as Temel Mansion because its last owner was Tülin Temel, was registered with number 172 in the decision taken by the Supreme Council of Real Estate Antiquities and Monuments in 1971 regarding the waterside residences on the Bosphorus coastline.

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As for the property information, the ground floor has a closed area of 150 m², including 134 m² residential unit and 16 m² common area. The first floor consists of 2 rooms, entrance, kitchen, living room, laundry room and bathroom and is 147 m². This floor has a total closed area of 155 m², including 8 m² common area. The second floor is 147 m² with entrance hall, kitchen, living room, laundry room and bathroom. This floor has a total closed area of 155 m², including a common area of 8 m². The penthouse is a duplex with the 2nd normal flat, with a closed area of 65 m² consisting of 2 rooms and a bathroom. This floor also has a 34 m² terrace on the beach front and an 18 m² terrace on the north side. There is a total terrace area of 52 m². Our mansion has a total residential area of 525 m² + 52 m² terrace area.

This Sea Side House For Sale

There’s a unique and irresistible allure to living by the sea, where each day begins with the soothing sounds of waves and breathtaking views stretching out to the horizon. If you’ve ever imagined waking up to the gentle embrace of salty sea breezes, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore this seaside house for sale. Nestled in a coastal paradise, this property offers the chance to transform your dreams of seaside living into a tangible reality. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the remarkable features and the incomparable lifestyle that this seaside house can offer.