Is Turkey cheap to rent an apartment long term?

October 10, 2023

“Is it more profitable to buy or rent a house?”

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both buying and renting a house. Buying a home is a long-term investment, but it can be a burden if you’re not on a budget. If you are going to take out a housing loan and its monthly payments are over your budget, this will also create problems for you.

On the other hand, when you are a tenant, if you have a problem with the house or if you want to move in line with your needs, you can do this easily. However, all of your rent payments go to the landlord, not the landlord.

“The advantages of buying a house”

Your monthly payments do not go into the pocket of the landlord, you pay a loan to own your home.

At the end of the mortgage loan, you become the owner of the house and you get rid of the hassle of thinking about the rent every month!

You can make a profit if house prices rise.

You can live by your own rules without the owner’s permission (For example, having a pet.)

You can decorate your house or garden according to your own liking and you do not have to get permission for this.

The changes you make can increase the value of your home.

Buying a home can sometimes be cheaper than renting.

“Disadvantages of Buying a House”

Costs such as mortgage interest, monthly payments and taxes can be more expensive than renting.

You may have to pay for all costs such as home maintenance and repairs.

If you have to sell your house, the length of this process may tire you out.

Moving to a smaller, cheaper home can take a long time if your household costs increase.

If things don’t go as you expected and you have trouble paying off your mortgage, you could lose your home.

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