How to obtain Turkey citizenship by real estate investment

October 10, 2023

Required Conditions for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish citizenship by investment was made easier by being rearranged in 2018 with the regulation. Accordingly, in order for a person to have the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment, he or she must meet the following conditions:

Purchasing an immovable with a minimum value of 250 thousand US dollars and putting an annotation on the title deed that this immovable will not be sold for 3 years,
To make a minimum capital investment of 500 thousand US dollars,
Making a promise to sell contract with a clause stating that it cannot be sold or transferred for 3 years for a building with a minimum 250 thousand US dollars worth of condominium or construction servitude,
To make an investment that provides employment for 50 people within the borders of our country,
Depositing a minimum of 500 thousand US dollars in Turkish banks on the condition of not withdrawing for 3 years,
To purchase government debt instruments for a minimum of 500 thousand US dollars, provided that they do not sell or transfer them for 3 years,
It is sufficient to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment, to purchase a minimum of 500 thousand US dollars worth of real estate or venture capital investment fund participation shares and to undertake that they will not sell it for 3 years.

Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Anyone who meets the conditions listed above has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment. However, during the application, the person must have prepared some documents in advance. In this direction, the documents required for Turkish citizenship by investment can be listed as follows;

Application form,
Identity document to be obtained from the country of citizenship of the person,
If the person is married, marriage certificate, identity document of his spouse and children under the age of 18,
Passport photograph of all family members,
birth certificate,
Official document showing the situation if the person is divorced or widowed,
Residence permit or tourist visa,
If the person is a Turkish citizen among his spouse or relatives, photocopies of identity cards and residence addresses of these people,
The receipt of the application payment is among the documents required for the application for Turkish citizenship by investment.
It should be noted that in addition to these documents, there are some documents that the investor must obtain in order to purchase a real estate in Turkey. The documents required for Turkish citizenship by investment are as follows:

Person’s passport, passport copy and passport translation,
Real estate value certificate obtained from an authorized real estate valuation company,
Earthquake insurance policy,
Two biometric photographs of the investor and one of the seller,
The original and sworn translation of the power of attorney, if the investment transactions are carried out by a proxy.
In addition to these documents, if the investor does not speak Turkish, it is obligatory to have a sworn translator to translate during the transactions. Following the purchase of the immovable, the person must apply for a residence permit. The documents required for a residence permit are:

Application form,
Passport and photocopy valid until 60 days after the residence permit period,
4 biometric photos,
Health insurance policy valid for the time intervals to cover the residence period,
Application fee receipt,
Land registry document of the real estate.
After all these documents, the foreign investor is ready to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

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