How to get a Turkish title deed (TAPU)

October 10, 2023

How to get a Turkish Title Deed (TAPU)

Obtaining a Turkish title deed, known as a TAPU, involves a clear and structured process. First, ensure all necessary documents are in order, including your passport, tax number, and recent photos. Engage a local lawyer to verify the property’s legal status and ensure there are no outstanding debts or legal issues associated with it. Once the legal checks are complete, both the buyer and seller (or their legal representatives) must visit the local Land Registry Office.

Here, the property sale is officially registered, and the title deed is transferred. Payment of the title deed transfer tax (usually 4% of the property’s value) and other applicable fees is required. The final step is signing the title deed in the presence of a Land Registry official, which confirms the transfer of ownership. Once this is done, the TAPU is handed over, legally documenting your ownership of the property in Turkey.

You can obtain a title deed document by applying to the General Directorate of Land Registry for real estates such as your house, land, land, commercial structure. In order to obtain title deed, there are documents you need to submit to the General Directorate of Land Registry and a title deed fee that you have to pay.

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Real estate purchases and sales are completed with the realization of title deed transactions. Documents required for title deed when buying a house:

  • Identity card and one copy.
  • “No Tax Debts” letter received from the municipality and “Paid” receipt for past debts
    The original or photocopy of the previous deed must be given in purchases and sales.
  • The title deed fee and property tax payment must be made before the deed transactions. The title deed fees to be paid by the buyer and the seller in equal shares must be paid before the title deed.
  • TCIP – Compulsory Earthquake Insurance should be taken out, if any, its up-to-dateness should be checked.
  • If the deed transaction will be done by proxy, a notarized power of attorney is required.

In real estate purchases and sales, if one of the parties is a legal person, the documents given to the General Directorate of Land Registry also vary.

Companies subject to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code must have a certificate of authorization issued by the Trade Registry Office, which clearly states the authorization and the identity information of the authorities in sales related to immovable property. The certificate of authorization, which is certified by the directorate of the chamber of industry and commerce to which it is affiliated, must bear the date of the year in which the transaction was made. In real estate purchases and sales, if one of the parties is a legal person, the documents given to the General Directorate of Land Registry also vary.

  • The original and one copy of the tax certificate
  • Signature circular of the company official
  • Letter from the municipality of fair value subject to expenditure and no tax debt
  • If the sale will take place on behalf of the company with a power of attorney, the original power of attorney must be brought.

There are two ways to apply to the Land Registry Office. You can easily complete your application by making an e-appointment on the official website of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Here are the steps you need to follow:

When you click on the “Make a new appointment” button, a page opens and you are reminded of the important points you need to pay attention to. At the same time, since this user agreement is in effect, you need to tick the relevant box.

After entering the 6-digit security code at the bottom of the screen, a screen with several steps appears. You enter your identity information and contact information in order and choose which directorate you will perform your transaction in. In the next step, you determine the type of transaction you want to do. There are different subcategories such as trading, inheritance or mortgage removal.

TAPU scaled

In the last step, you enter the appointment date you requested and the system shows you the appropriate hours. Your appointment is determined according to your preference and you receive a confirmation e-mail.

If you do not comply with the appointments received from the land registry offices 5 times in a calendar year, you will not be allowed to make an appointment again. In addition, the right to create only one appointment for the same day is given. The other way to apply to the Land Registry Directorate is to go to the government offices and apply in person. You can get a queue by entering your TR ID number on the queue machine, but priority is given to people who make an appointment online.

When it’s your turn, you enter the pre-application room and make your appointment. An appointment time is determined according to your transaction type and is sent to your phone as a message. After paying the required title deed fee, you must be present at the directorate fifteen minutes before the appointment time, together with the bank receipt and the necessary documents for the title deed transactions.

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