Health Services in Turkey

April 3, 2022

While Turkey is an attractive country for foreign investors, it is also at the forefront of its success in the field of health services. It is worth mentioning that Turkey, which has made progress in health services with a very serious breakthrough in the last 20 years, is an ideal country not only for its citizens but also for foreigners. The fact that Turkey has a leading role in a geographical sense also has a great role in reaching a special point in health care. 

The fact that it is located between Europe and the Middle East, as well as making remarkable developments in the field of health services, makes Turkey special. In this context, Turkey is becoming a preferred country for investors by taking into account the developments in the health sector. So, what should be mentioned about health services in Turkey?

Health Services and Technological Developments in Turkey

Turkey has managed to closely monitor technological developments while meeting expectations in terms of health services. In this context, investments in hospitals and health centers in Turkey, which bring up ideal solutions for citizens and foreigners, are also increasing every day. 

Thanks to the political stability achieved since 2002, it has not been preferred to make maximum use of technology only in the field of health in Turkey, where developments have taken place in all areas thanks to the political stability achieved since 2002. At the same time, private investments have been made from each other, such as health centers, city hospitals, and district polyclinics. 

It is accepted that investments are increasing every day and that Turkey is becoming a suitable place for investment for foreigners. Especially for foreign investors who want to settle in Turkey, facilitating access to health services is a very special issue. As an investor, you can start to benefit from the privileges of Turkey by evaluating the health facilities.

Expenses for Medical Services in Turkey

Living in Turkey is quite cheap compared to European and Middle Eastern countries. In this context, access to health services is also a very successful level. It is possible that people can access both quality services and achieve this at affordable prices in terms of health services. Within this framework, it is possible for a foreigner to invest in Turkey and get the maximum benefit from health services. So, what are the costs that a foreigner or a citizen should pay when expenses are assessed? 

The amounts that a person should pay for health expenses in Turkey are quite low compared to European countries. In this context, it is necessary to state that individuals who need to pay around 25,000 euros in Europe for a simple operation can get services by paying an average of 12,000 euros in Turkey. For this reason, Turkey is one of the countries where health services can be obtained both at high standards and at an affordable price.

Public and Private Hospitals in Turkey

Although Turkey was a country where private hospitals were the pioneer in health services until the 1990s, it is necessary to emphasize that public hospitals have also produced quite successful solutions since the 2000s. Within this framework, the aim is entirely for citizens to receive healthier services.

In Turkey, where public hospitals have reached higher standards than private hospitals, it is also possible for people to receive free medical services. Within the framework of the newly structured health and insurance system, patients treated in public hospitals do not need to pay any fees. Within this framework, a serious decoupling between public and private hospitals arises.

It is also possible for people to access medicine and treatment as well as health services. It supports access to health services wherever it is lived thanks to the city hospitals configured in almost every city. Within this framework, people can reach solutions for their health problems without facing any problems. 

Getting a Doctor’s Appointment in Turkey

In order for citizens who want to benefit from health services to get the treatment they request, it is necessary to mention that there is a very strong health system. In this context, those who want to be treated or examined should first make an appointment with the hospital they will go to. In Turkey, it is possible to create an appointment by calling the number 182 or logging in from the ‘Hospital Appointment’ page. In this way, you can reach a perfect solution without having to wait while receiving quality service.

Do People Pay for Medicine in Turkey?

One area that is directly related to health services in Turkey is the pharmaceutical sector. Within this framework, those who are being treated or those who will start treatment after the examination should purchase medicines. However, the payment required by those registered in the SSI system in Turkey, which fully reveals the principle of social state, varies between 10% and 20% for medicines. In this context, it is possible to purchase medicines by paying very small fees in Turkey.

Traveling to Turkey for Medical Services

While Turkey is a very successful country in terms of health services, it is one of the most preferred countries for people to apply for health care. In particular, Turkey is very successful with its developing infrastructure in aesthetics, hair transplantation, and dental health. There are very special opportunities for foreigners in Turkey, where there are a large number of specialist doctors and health services are developing for foreigners. 

 Thanks to the number of private hospitals and a large number of public hospitals in Turkey, the number of which is approaching 1000, impeccable medical services are provided for foreigners. For this reason, health services in Turkey are good enough to compete with European countries.

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