Cer İstanbul

January 27, 2023

Cer İstanbul is an ambitious urban development project located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. The project encompasses a total area of 1.5 million square meters, with plans to build a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

One of the key features of the Cer İstanbul project is its focus on sustainability. The developers aim to create a “green city” by incorporating environmentally-friendly design elements such as energy-efficient buildings, solar power systems, and green spaces. The project also includes plans for a large park, which will provide residents with a recreational area to enjoy while also helping to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Another unique aspect of the Cer İstanbul project is its integration of technology. The developers plan to make use of smart city technologies such as IoT, AI, and 5G networks to create a more efficient and connected community. This will enable residents to have access to information and services at their fingertips, as well as enjoy a higher quality of life.

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The project also include a shopping mall, hotels, and a congress center, which will attract visitors from all over the world. This will help to boost the local economy and create jobs for the community.

The construction of the Cer İstanbul project, developed by one of Turkey’s largest real estate companies, was completed in 2022 and is ready to move. The project will bring new life to Istanbul by creating a modern and sustainable community.

Overall, the Cer İstanbul project is an exciting and innovative development that promises to shape the future of urban living in Istanbul. It’s a great example of how technology and sustainability can come together to create a better and more livable city.

About This Project

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Cer İstanbul”, welcome to super luxurious project with the most advantages new lifestyle opportunity on the european side of İstanbul.

At Below you will find information regarding project and the location:

❖ Premium Location
❖ Suitable for citizenship.
❖ +35 available stock.
❖ 1+1 to 4+1 Apartments and Loft options. With 2m balkony even up to 23 m2 Terrace.
❖ Parking lot
❖ Land area 40,000 m2
❖ Social facilities  approximately 1,000 M2
❖ Camera system
❖ Security team
❖ Commercial units

More Information

You can contact us immediately to get detailed information about the Cer İstanbul project.

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