Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey?

January 24, 2023

Foreigners take advantage of professional real estate consultancy services for buying property in Turkey. These services will guide you to choose the right property as well as legal issues and financial transactions during the property purchase. Can foreigners buy property in Turkey? Yes! With the help of Sale Property Turkey real estate consultancy services, foreigners can safely and quickly own a property for sale in Turkey. The most important thing to be aware of is that you are about to make a strong investment. You will not only gain financially but also acquire Turkish Citizenship by buying property.

Moreover, you will have privileges with a strong Turkish passport. We can offer numerous property options for you to buy a home that will provide a lifetime income with a high investment value. You can get more information from our professional sales consultants for a Turkish house according to your budget and living conditions. We can choose a luxury or affordable property that has a spectacular Bosphorus view in Turkey. We can also take a look at affordable 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom ultraluxury villa projects in rural areas.

Let’s make your dreams come true and start to gain!

5 Crucial Steps of Finding A House in Turkey for Foreigners!

Foreigners who want to buy property in Turkey and get residency should be aware of some key rules. In the foreign real estate buying guide, you can find the things foreign nationals should pay attention to before buying property in Turkey, the steps to take, legal and financial transactions, and all other details.

  • Select A Professional Sales Consultant: As a foreigner in Turkey, you need to choose a real estate agent that is reliable and powerful for buying property in Turkey in 2020.
  • Set Your Budget: The first thing to determine for a home purchase by foreigners in Turkey is what budget to buy a property. Finding a home is simple when you set your budget. It is easy to find a house according to your budget and lifestyle.
  • Review the Analyzes of Regions and Real Estate: One of the most important things you need to know when determining a location is how housing prices alter when you go towards the city center and rural areas. Are you looking for a villa or a sea-view property? We can offer different location options for you and make a great deal if you have a limited budget.
  • Find the Right Location: The location is one of the most important things to determine the value of immovable properties in Turkey. So, you need to select the right location.
  • Select the Property Type: Have you determined the location of the property buy? The thing to consider for buying property in Turkey in 2019 is the size of the house and its social facilities of it. For buying property in Turkey, make sure to set your demands. Is it for investment or living? If you are looking for a house to live in Turkey to both achieve lifetime earnings and have a privileged life, you are in the right place. We will provide hundreds of alternatives.

Foreigners Who Have Purchased the Most Houses in Turkey!

Real Estate in Turkey A Value Trap

Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey rapidly increase. According to the data of TUIK, housing sales to foreigners have increased in the last 4 years. Particularly, citizens from Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Germany, and Russia have bought property in Turkey recently.

Foreign investors show interest in Turkish properties with real estate investment. Foreigners buying a property in Turkey with a minimum worth can easily get citizenship.

2,75 houses were sold in January 2021. Buying a house comes to the fore as the easiest and fastest investment tool during the pandemic process.

If you want to invest strongly in addition to buying a property to obtain Turkish Citizenship, we guarantee that we will find the right property for you. Because we cooperate with the best real estate companies in Turkey.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey? Necessary Documents for Real Estate Sales to Foreigners!

The documents needed to be completed for the sales of property to foreigners. From your professional sales consultant, you can get more information about the documents you need to send. With the help of your sales consultant, you will be able to learn the extra costs when purchasing a house. Then, you can complete your transactions without wasting your time.

  • Real estate deed
  • Passport and its translation if necessary
  • Mandatory earthquake insurance
  • Real estate valuation certificate
  • Identification

A translation of the power of attorney, its original, and a notarized copy is required provided that a power of attorney issued abroad is to be used,

Real estate appraisal report | Real estate valuation reports are required. All the necessary documents should be provided to buy property in Turkey and get residency if you desire. It is also important to record the real estate valuation report in the TAKBIS system. There should be a sworn translator if no people speak Turkish in the party transferring the deed.

“You can send all terms and conditions to your sales consultant.”

The Terms of the Acquisition of Property as a Foreign in Turkey

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There are legal necessities for foreign investors buying property in Turkey. Foreigners show great interest in property acquisition in Turkey. Buying a summer home or a lifetime living space will be a profitable investment. However, you need to comply with the terms.

  • According to the Land Registry Law, no reciprocity principle relating to foreign nationals buying property in Turkey
  • As a foreigner, you are legally supported to buy any property you want, such as a residence, office, or land.
  • The total area of ​​immovable properties that foreign nationals can purchase is determined as 300 decares and 30 hectares. Besides, the right to double these figures maximum is provided.
  • Foreigners cannot purchase or rent immovable property in prohibited areas or security zones in Turkey.

From our professional sales consultants, you can learn the legal requirements for foreigners buying property in Turkey.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey? Things to Consider When Buying a House in Turkey!

No need to be daunted by buying property in Turkey as a foreigner! Thanks to our strong customer portfolio, we will find homes that will enable foreign citizens to reach their dreams.

  • Aware of the Legal Conditions for Property Acquisition!

You need to know the legal conditions for buying property in Turkey if you are a foreigner. Legal property acquisition requirements must be complied with. In this regard, real estate consultants are very important.

  • Be Careful to Invest Strongly!

If you want to buy a property with a high investment value, you can buy a property under construction. Also, you can buy a property having an ever-increasing value in a central location, or close to shopping malls or transportation vehicles.

You can take advantage of our online purchasing services as well.

You can participate in the virtual tours. So that, you can make a decision on the house before coming to Turkey. When purchasing, we can quickly perform your transactions from where you sit. Online transactions for property for sale in Turkey are very safe.

  • Decide with the Sales Consultant You Speak the Same Language!

Sale Property Turkey sales consultants offer services in 5 different languages ​​with their long years of work experience. You can get service in many different languages ​​such as Arabic, English, and Farsi. If you wish you can learn about our happy customers and you have the property of your dreams in Turkey.

Where to Live in Turkey?

You have the chance to be one of our happy customers if you want to make your dreams come true after buying property in Turkey. But there are a few important points we need to determine.

We need to determine which city you want to live in Turkey. Istanbul real estate market is strong due to its high investment value. Residential projects offer privileged living conditions thanks to their social opportunities.

You can buy a property with a magnificent Bosphorus view which is one of the most popular views all over the world. Besides, you can take a look at a property with a forest view. You can buy a penthouse from branded housing projects that are charming because of their social facilities in Istanbul.

You can buy a property in Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara. If you want a vacation home, the Bodrum housing market is very popular all over the world. You can buy an ultra-luxury villa on the Mediterranean coastline or the hillside overlooking Yalikavak marina.

Moreover, you can even select a flashy one on the Istanbul coastline.

Make a decision which city you want to live in Turkey, and we will find you the best property right away. Is buying property in Turkey a good investment? Definitely! Easily buy houses in Turkey as a foreign through our real estate sales consultants.

You can take a look at the Sale Property Turkey city guides, or request and analyze real estate index data and reports from our professional sales consultants.

“We guarantee that we will find an attractive property for you.”

Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey for Foreigners

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Foreigners buying properties in Turkey open the doors of a privileged life.

What are the advantages of getting houses in Turkey for foreigners?

  • The Turkish real estate market is a powerful investment tool for both foreigners and citizens. Ever-increasing housing prices guarantee you a lifetime income, especially in Istanbul.
  • If you buy property with a minimum value of 250 thousand dollars, you will acquire Turkish Citizenship. Furthermore, the spouse of foreigners who invest for getting citizenship and all their children under the age of 18 will get citizenship.
  • By buying property in Turkey worth TL 650,000, you can get a 3-year residence permit. Also, if you reside in Turkey after 5 years of uninterrupted legal stay, you can apply to get Turkish Citizenship.
  • Turkish properties are flashy as well as gaining rapid value. We ensure you that you will add value to your life by purchasing one of the Turkish properties that offer comfortable living spaces.
  • You can buy and rent a Turkish property. You guarantee your profit by purchasing one of the Turkish properties with a rental guarantee.
  • The process of buying property in Turkey is simplified by the government. Property purchases are systematic and fast.
  • You do not have to be a resident to purchase a property. If you purchase a new property, you will automatically be given a residence permit for one year.

Can foreigners buy property in Turkey? Definitely! Moreover, Sale Property Turkey real estate company guarantees advantages for foreigners. We will find your dream property that will meet your expectations. We will use our bargaining skills for you and find the home for your budget. As a foreigner, you will enjoy buying property in Turkey thanks to our services.

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