Buying Property in Turkey: Everything You Need to Know

January 26, 2023

If you are considering buying  property in Turkey but are not sure if this is the right move, we can make sure it is the right one and also provide helpful advice for a hassle-free purchase. Evidence of Turkey’s popularity as a destination for holiday homes or permanent residences is in the statistics. In 2019, foreigners bought 45,000 thousand apartments and villas. Communities of immigrants scattered around towns, cities, and villages are also thriving, which now stand as a worthy competitor to other countries for overseas living.

In our business as Best House Turkey, people often ask us if foreigners can buy property in Turkey. The answer always resonates, yes. Thousands of foreign nationals legally own apartments, villas, land, and commercial real estate. Foreigners can buy a property and own 30 hectares or up to 10% of the territory, except in military zones designated by the government. With that in mind, let’s hear from Yasin Us, CEO of Best House Turkey, on how a first-time buyer can get started.

Buying Property in Turkey

1: Is it Safe?

That is if you follow the rules and do your best when looking for a home. When you are looking at properties for sale, giving money to unauthorized people without proof of identity is an example of what is wrong and buyers are losing money. Use a government agency vendor, hire a lawyer, and do 90% of the work. An attorney is in charge of applying for the title, and we check all of our listings before we advertise to make sure there are no outstanding debts on the home and that the paperwork is in order. The law also states that every foreigner when reviewing the contract and signing documents must use an interpreter.


2: Residency and Citizenship

Apartments For Sale in Turkey Istanbul

To be clear, residency, citizenship and buying a home are three separate processes. You don’t have to buy a house to get a residence permit, but many people do, simply because of the huge amount of money and the opportunity to start building capital over the long term. Also, some people who bought real estate worth more than 400,000 USD and kept it for at least three years can apply for citizenship. (Learn more about citizenship programs by investing.)

3: Who Buys Property in Turkey?

Official statistics show that many countries have become second-home owners, and the country is famous for investing in foreign property purchases. Some areas attract a higher percentage of single-family homes than others. For example, Didim on the Aegean coast of Turkey is home to many British expatriates, hence its name “Little Britain”.

Germans and Russians are always interested in the Antalya region. At the same time, Middle Eastern countries prefer the northern regions of Bursa and Trabzon due to similarities in culture and family traditions. Western countries are particularly interested in the southern and western coasts, boasting beaches and coastal towns.

4: How to Buy a Property?

The process is very simple, and if all the money is in the place where you buy a resale or turnkey home, it will take you about six weeks to get the program and get your keys in your mouth way. The first step in the home buying process is to browse our listings of homes on the market. Each listing shows a photo, floor plan if available, price, map location, home purchase plan and contact information to find out more by email or schedule a viewing.

Once you have decided on the house to buy, your lawyer will draft the contract and file for them at the title office. You have to pay a deposit, get a tax number and arrange a loan. Once the practice is ready for license transfer, you will need to sign for them, pay the stamp duty, get the keys, submit the tools and become the owner. As real estate agents, we guide our clients through every step of the home buying process. We can answer questions and provide advice on smooth buying and investing, making your money work for you.

5: Where to buy in Turkey

bosphorus strait istanbul view bridge ships scaled 1

Best House in Istanbul:

Official statistics show that this city is the most popular place for your average homeowner. Being divided between parts of Europe and Asia, many home buyers prefer the remote European neighborhood, which is now the main area for housing and infrastructure development. The city, the largest and most important in Turkey, is also a tourist, educational, artistic, gastronomic, cultural, business and economic center, which therefore attracts those who want to invest in the medium and long term.

Separated into 39 official districts, the Bosphorus district is the most expensive and the old Yali building is among the most expensive buildings in the world. Still, suburban neighborhoods offer affordable housing prices, and many developers have off-plan services that offer discounts for cash payments or long-term interest-free payments. up to five years. 

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Best House in Antalya:

Crossing the city to the Mediterranean coast, this area is the second most popular and easily accessible to Istanbul as a tourist destination. For the purchase of a holiday home, Antalya delivers. With the best beaches in Turkey, it is divided into city centers and small coastal towns, all of which offer something unique. Belek is the golfing capital, known for its historic ruins, Alanya is a bustling area with great tourist attractions, and Kalkan on the outskirts is famous for its luxury villas with sea views. beautiful. 

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Best House in Fethiye:

Still on the Mediterranean, this large district of the Mugla province, another popular tourist and expat hub, offers affordability and stunning landscape scenery, hence explaining its popularity. Separating into the districts of the city centre, Ovacik, Hisaronu, Oludeniz and Calis beach, it also boasts of gorgeous beaches, and unforgettable sunsets.

As a popular sailing hub of the Turkish riviera, its large marina accommodates yachts from all over the world. At the same time, it also does an excellent job of accommodating both budget and the luxury holiday home buyer. Expect to find a westernised ambience, an offshoot result of its tourism popularity. However, traditional Turkish vibes can still be found in specific neighbourhoods.

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Best House in Bodrum:

Heading towards the Aegean region, this wetland is one of the first places to welcome tourism, so it’s buzzing. Long known as a favorite destination for American celebrities and Saudi royalty, it also does a great job of welcoming budget tourists and foreign buyers. Choose from many different locations.

House buyers’ favour Yalikavak for its large villas, incorporating the latest in modern architecture. Along with that, expect a glitzy lifestyle from the Palmarina that often hosts mega yachts from all over the world. Traditional and quaint Gumusluk commands fame for its seaside restaurants, while Golturkbuku is where buying houses will set you back six digits or more because they lead the property market. 

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Best House Turkey, an international agency, has years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, helping thousands of foreign buyers to own apartments and villas. Featured internationally in many major publications as reliable sources for further advice or assistance in buying a home in Turkey, contact us today.

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