Advice for Chinese Investors to Buy a Property in Istanbul?

October 19, 2023

Advice for Chinese Investors to Buy a Property in Istanbul?

Istanbul, the captivating city that straddles Europe and Asia, has been a prime destination for international property investors, including those from China. With its rich history, strategic location, and diverse real estate opportunities, Istanbul offers an attractive proposition for Chinese investors looking to expand their global real estate portfolios. In this blog post, we’ll provide valuable advice for Chinese investors interested in buying property in Istanbul, helping them navigate the market successfully.

It is difficult for real estate agents in Turkey to fully understand the rationale behind Chinese interest in the Turkish real estate market. And understanding how to prepare is more complicated. Realtors across the country have seen the huge potential in Chinese imports. As a result, many real estate agents are struggling to understand these clients well. Let’s take a look at how this process works for a Chinese person looking to buy a home in Turkey and what you can do about it.

Advice for Chinese Investors to Buy

As with many countries and cultures around the world, it pays to have the right connections. In China, using connections goes one step further. Connections are the only thing that will work effectively with the Chinese.

For example, the relationship established by immigration in China is important. A request from an immigration office in China can bring you to the forefront on social media.

This process was arranged by a sales colleague of ours who has a sales office in Istanbul. His knowledge of the Chinese immigration office referred Chinese citizens who wanted to buy property in Istanbul to our broker friend.

There is no need for expensive advertising or marketing to work with the Chinese. Meet the immigration office, real estate agency and business center in China and get a good idea.

Advice for Chinese Investors to

Anyone looking to buy a home needs to carefully consider different options, sizes, prices, markets and schools before making a major investment.

In this respect, the Chinese are no different from other real estate investors and will want to find a property that meets their criteria in many respects. They start house shopping early because the homes they want to buy are within a 5-hour flight.


Once your contact in China contacts you, the real estate agent will have a good first impression when your client arrives at your office to look for a home after a long and tiring flight.

Some clients prefer to be met at the airport, while others prefer to meet the realtor at their hotel. In any case, the real estate agent needs to be ready on time (preferably early), dressed appropriately, have a car ready to show you around and have a well-planned schedule for the appointment.

For other points, the schedule needs to be translated into “simplified Chinese” and sharing information about the country and sights will be important throughout the trip.

Education was and still is one of the most important things for Chinese families. Studying in the best high schools, schools and universities will make a big difference. Looking at the process described above, real estate agents in Turkey face a big challenge.

If you live in a country far away from your client, it is almost impossible to establish a personal connection with them. So how do you overcome this challenge? Many real estate agents who attend real estate fairs in China talk about the lack of clients, high labor costs, and the cost of travel and time spent at these fairs.

Working with a group in China with similar goals to yours can help make it easier for you to connect with potential buyers. This will allow you to successfully close deals and capture a market share of over $100 billion. Many Chinese expats are interested in new homes in large urban areas. Schools and safety are one of the main concerns when deciding where to live.