How to buy a house in Turkey?

October 10, 2023

“Buying a House in Turkey”

1: “Is it safe?”

If you write directions and a prescription when looking for a house. Applying to properties for sale, informally giving money from ordinary people, people from the general business and family is an example. Hire an official realtor, a lawyer and that’s 90% of what’s done.

Deed education will be designed to control all of our advertisements. The act summarizes an elder’s completion of the appendix and notes the deeds.

2: “Residence and Citizenship”

To be clear, buying three citizenships and acquisitions for residency. Many people will be able to buy a property to obtain a residence permit, but many people will only be eligible and have potential in the medium to long term. In addition, there can be more than three on the persons who purchased real estate over 250,000 USD and held it for at least one year.

3: “Who Buys Real Estate in Turkey?”

Official statistics show many different nationalities are second home owners, and the country is famous for buy and overseas property investments. Some regions attract a higher percentage of a nationality to own family homes than others. For example, Didim, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, is home to many countries. British expats, hence the nickname “Little Britain”.

Germans and Russians tend to gravitate towards the area. Antalya area. At the same time, Middle Eastern nations prefer Bursa and Trabzon districts in the north due to the similarities in family-home culture and traditions. Western nations tend to gravitate towards the south and west coasts, which boast seaside and beach towns.

4: “How to Buy a House”

The process is fairly simple, and if you have all the financing available and you resell or buy a key ready home, it will take as little as six weeks to get the deeds and put your key on the door. The first step in the home buying process is to browse our home listings. houses in the market. Each listing displays photos, floor plans if available, price, map location, home purchase features, and contact information to learn more via email or to set up a viewing.

After deciding which house to buy, your lawyer will draw up the contracts and apply to the land registry office. You will make a prepayment, get a tax number and arrange the transfer of funds. When the deeds are ready for the transfer of ownership, you will sign for them, pay the stamp duty, get the keys, transfer the utilities and officially become the home owner.

As realtors, we guide our clients through every step of buying a home. We can answer questions and provide advice to ensure a hassle-free purchase and investment, making sure your money works for you.

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