Zeytinburnu Garden Park

October 10, 2023

Zeytinburnu Garden Park rises in Zeytinburnu, in the center of Istanbul.

Zeytinburnu, with its historical texture and local values, is one of the leading cultural, commercial and belief centers of Istanbul today as it was yesterday.

Zeytinburnu turned into a typical Ottoman settlement after the conquest of Istanbul. A wide variety of vegetables and fruits were grown in their famous orchards along the land walls. While the slums were replaced by modern buildings in the 90s, the social structure of the district changed along with its polished historical texture and local values.

Zeytinburnu Garden Park, which will take its place in this change and add value to the region, plans to re-live the thousand and one shades of green in Zeytinburnu’s history as well as its design and innovative architecture.

History, culture, art, green and blue
In short, a thousand and one tons of life are in Zeytinburnu Garden Park…
Zeytinburnu Garden Park offers you a perfect life opportunity in the very center of Istanbul, surrounded by greenery, close to the sea, close to education, health and entertainment, away from stress and chaos… Because everyone deserves the opportunity to live in their dream home…

The fastest and safest way to invest…
Zeytinburnu Garden Park in the very center of Istanbul, with the assurance, offers an unmissable opportunity that adds value to the region and its investors and increases its value day by day… In Zeytinburnu Garden Park, consisting of 576 living units and 24 commercial units in 4 blocks, 73 m2 There are 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 flat options with an area of ​​176 m2.

Owning a house in Zeytinburnu Garden Park is not only the best way to invest, but also the fastest and safest way…



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December 2024