What is your advice to buy a property in Istanbul?

October 10, 2023

In the whole of Turkey, the most educated about the sale of residences, and the investment purpose purchases in Istanbul, which alone accounts for 20 percent of its total sales, continue rapidly.

Being the first of its kind, both domestically and internationally, Istanbul is the center of activity in the real estate and real estate market.

The fact that the population growth is higher than the future, which will finish 15 million people once, is due to the future of big projects besides Istanbul.

“Housing Prices by Regions in Istanbul”

Especially during the 9 years since 2010, 106 people out of Istanbul’s residences for sale points out.

However, they will come with great importance to think about the future of investments to be made in the future.

In the same way, even business centers, business and industrial estates, which are on sale in Istanbul this time, while businesses are on sale, their investments are making you more than 120 in sales and 56 in rentals.

“Beware of Job”

Eyüp was one of the schools that made the most investment in real estate investment in the form of flats for sale in Istanbul. this place is spread over a wide area in Istanbul.

Especially in the Göktürk region, housing prices stood out, while the prices in Eyüp district center were 20 percent.

It shows that it can be compared in Istanbul. 20 percent view shows average light at 20 percent view.

“Canal Istanbul Route”

Due to the Kanal Istanbul project that will be started soon; It is predicted that both housing and land prices in Küçükçekmece, Avcılar, Esenyurt, Arnavutköy and Başakşehir Regions will increase considerably in the near future.

For this reason, great attention should be paid to this route when making investment plans.

What Should Be Considered While Making a Housing Investment in Istanbul?
Experts emphasize that those who will buy housing for investment purposes in Istanbul should primarily act according to the sales speed in the regions.

In this regard, they talk about the need to base the sales speed and prices of the houses that were built in the last period before the old houses.

The recent increase in the population rate of the region and the potential to receive annual immigration stand out as other features to be considered in the purchase of residences for sale from the owner.

Apart from this, the situation of the neighborhoods around the house to be purchased, the possibility of urban transformation, and the state of the investments in the region are also very important.

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