What Awaits Those Who Want to Become Investors in Turkey?

October 10, 2023

While the level of development of Turkey is increasing every day, the expectations of investors continue to diversify. In this context, the Turkish real estate sector is doing its part for those who are looking for quality, comfort, and suitable solutions. However, it should be remembered that to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Turkey through legal obligations and investments, some other details should also be paid attention to. So, what are the other conditions for obtaining citizenship by investing in Turkey for an investor?

For foreigners who want to obtain citizenship by investing in Turkey, it is necessary to purchase real estate worth $ 400,000 as a priority. After the purchase processes are completed, the sale and transfer of the purchased real estate for 3 years are not possible. For this reason, it is not possible for foreigners who want to obtain citizenship by investing for a short period. Thanks to this application, it is desired to ensure the permanence of the investor in Turkey and it is aimed to prevent shopping for different purposes.

After 3 years and an investment of $ 400,000, the person investing can obtain citizenship. Moreover, the right to citizenship applies not only to the investor but also to family members. In this way, it is also possible for more than one person to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey with an investment.

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