What are the requirements for buying a house in Turkey?

October 10, 2023

It has been made possible by introducing conditions and restrictions for foreigners to buy a house in Turkey. The regulation regarding this is the 35th meeting of the Land Registry Law No. 2644. Simple requirements and constraints with regard to standards for preparation for products to be designed according to the old code, planned for purchase from Turkey. In fact, Article 35 of the Land Registry Law regulates not only purchasing but also the ability to acquire property in any way. This additional need applies not only to purchase, but also to transmission or inheritance. It is strictly and clearly regulated at the time of buying a house in Turkey.

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by foreigners, which is now becoming widespread, is progressing and getting easier. Residence permit is also given to foreigners who buy a house in Turkey.

Before buying a house, foreigners should check whether there is a lien or mortgage on the real estate they are going to buy. The sale is made by issuing an official deed in the land registry offices. There is no requirement to have a residence permit to buy a house. People can buy a house even if they do not have a residence permit. The right of citizenship has been granted to foreigners who buy a house in Turkey. But the house must be above a certain value.

“What are the Conditions for Foreigners to Buy a House in Turkey?”

The conditions for foreigners to buy a house in Turkey and acquire real estate or limited same rights are as follows:

The President of the Republic decides which country’s citizens can buy houses and real estate.
The total area of ​​the acquired real estate and limited real rights cannot exceed ten percent of the district area subject to private property and thirty hectares per person throughout the country. However, the President has the authority to double the amount that can be obtained throughout the country per capita.
In cases where the interests of the country so require, it is possible for the President to impose restrictions and prohibitions on the goods to be acquired in terms of country, person, geographical region, duration, number, rate, type, quality, area and quantity.
Citizens of countries bordering Turkey cannot purchase real estate from the provinces of Turkey bordering their own country.
Before foreigners buy real estate, it is also necessary to obtain permission from the military authorities in the region. If the real estate in question is located within the security zone, it is not possible to sell to foreigners.

“What are the Documents Required for Foreigners to Buy a House in Turkey?”

Identity document or passport,
The title deed document of the immovable or the information of the village or neighborhood, island, parcel, building, independent section where it is located,
“Real Estate Current Value Certificate” of the real estate to be purchased from the relevant municipality,
Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for related buildings,
Translation and original or certified copy of the power of attorney,
2 photos of the seller and the buyer.
The procedure for selling a house to foreigners should be done in 2020 with the help of an administrative law lawyer. Because the process is very complicated. When foreigners buying a house and gaining citizenship are considered together, professional help is a must.

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