Tepekent Villas

October 10, 2023

It is located in the most central part of the complex, in the Tepekent region, which has the most spacious and cleanest air in Istanbul. In terms of location, it is indisputably the best place in Tepekent. The administration building, social facilities and restaurants are only 5 minutes away from the villa.

Tepekent Villas, consisting of 1976 detached villas of 44 different types on the Çatalca road, is located on 6 million m2. There are all kinds of social facilities from education to sports, from health to shopping, from art to cultural events. Walking tracks by the pond. primary school, high school, Arel University market is protected by a greengrocer, butcher, hairdresser for men and women, 12 security vehicles, 25 security personnel and 8 plainclothes police.

The villa has been carefully constructed using first class materials.

The villa consists of 4 floors in total, including the basement and the attic.

On the ground floor of the villa;

❖ 170 m2 large living room with fireplace
❖ Kitchen
❖ Dining Hall
❖ 1 bedroom
❖ 1 public WC/bathroom.

On the first floor of the villa;

❖ 4 bedrooms in total
❖ 1 public bathroom.
❖ 130 m2 terrace
master room WC/bathroom
❖ It has a dressing room.

In the attic;

❖ 2 rooms in total
❖ 1 hall
❖ 1 kitchen
❖ 1 public WC/bath
❖ There is a 15 m2 terrace.

In the basement;

❖ Sauna
❖ Bath
❖ Movie theater
❖ Gym
❖ Boiler room
❖ Warehouse


❖ Kitchen, barbecue
❖ 4 car parking garage and garden
❖Camera alarm and automatic outdoor lighting system
❖ Automatic irrigation system
❖ Operated automatic parking garage door
❖ Hobby garden fruit and vegetable garden (organic plum, mulberry, strawberry, cherry, berry, loquat, apple, quince and vegetables)
❖ Art House
❖ Outdoor-indoor swimming pool
❖ 2 tennis courts
❖ Cafe and restaurant
❖ Sports and Spa centers
❖ Basketball court
❖ Rehabilitation Center
❖ Modern security services with 24/7 night vision camera system,
❖ Generator,
❖ Hydrophore and water tanks


❖Hadimkoy – 3rd Airport Connection Road 4 minutes
❖ Bahcesehir Center 15 minutes
❖ Buyukcekmece Marina 15 minutes
❖ West Istanbul Marina 20 minutes
❖ Guzelce Marina 5 minutes
❖ Istanbul Airport 10 minutes
❖ Alkev Educational Institutions
❖ Private MEV College
❖ Kultur 2000 College
❖ Bilfen Educational Institutions
❖ Bahcesehir College
❖ MEF Schools
❖ TED Schools
❖ Ocean College
❖ Istanbul International Community School
❖ Istanbul University
❖Beykent University
❖ Arel University

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