Nişantaşı Koru

October 10, 2023

You will not only be in the center of the city, but also in the center of green areas. As you catch the rhythm of life, you will hear the symphony of nature. As much as you will be surrounded by works of art, you will also hear the heartbeat of nature and watch its unique beauty.

If you ask why there are so many details about nature in this project, it is because we attach great importance to the “healing” power of nature. Thanks to the large terraces you can reach from your living room, bedrooms and kitchens, fresh air and plenty of oxygen will enter your home. Your home will be filled with oxygen rising from the centuries-old trees of thousands of square meters of grove of Ihlamur Pavilion, which is right next to your house. You will always feel fresh in the middle of the city and live a forest life.

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$ 2,509,804
Starting Price
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