Is real estate in Istanbul profitable?

October 10, 2023

“Tips for Short-Term Real Estate Investment”

Housing, office and workplace opportunities in Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece and Bağcılar are very attractive for short-term investors who expect a return in 5-10 years.

The factors that make these districts stand out are the changes in Istanbul and the developments in the region. The 3rd Bridge, the Northern Marmara Highway and the new airport Basın Ekspres road have made the districts around them very attractive. As you know, Istanbul continues to grow on this axis towards the north. In addition to investments such as the New Airport and City Hospital, this region has turned into the second central line of Istanbul after the Maslak line, with many domestic and foreign companies moving their offices here. The intense employment created by all these investments will continue to increase the demand for these districts. On the other hand, its proximity to newly opened metro lines and highways and ease of access to all parts of Istanbul further increase the attractiveness of Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece and Bağcılar.

It is possible to invest in these districts, which we can call the bridge between old and new Istanbul, with budgets starting from 350 thousand TL. It is possible for the real estates purchased in this region, which has not yet reached saturation, to double its value in a short period of 5-6 years.

“Tips for Long Term Real Estate Investment”

For those who want to make long-term investments, of course, the type of real estate we will recommend will be land and land. Çatalca and Arnavutköy maintain their attractiveness in terms of land for sale in Istanbul. In the coming years, Istanbul will continue to grow in these regions and the need for buildings will be met with lands and lands that are still ‘mulberry’ here. Zoned lands in the centers of Çatalca and Arnavutköy, or lands that are a little further away from this region, can be preferred.

A large part of the fields have share title deeds, which causes investors to hesitate. However, you can get very valuable investment opportunities by correctly evaluating the current characteristics and potentials of the region where the field of interest is located and by making risk and price analysis. It is very important that you work with a real estate agent specialized in this region for an accurate analysis. For example, there are areas designated as ‘water basin’ in this region and these areas may not be opened for development. On the other hand, all conditions must be reviewed to understand whether the appraised value for the land is indeed appropriate. The land and land opportunities in Çatalca and Arnavutköy region, where you determine the potential zoning period and whose cost analysis you are comfortable with, will definitely please the investor.

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