Is it expensive to buy a house in Istanbul?

October 10, 2023

The dream of owning one in Istanbul… On the other hand, there are dilemmas for those who want to buy the house in it with a housing loan or who aim for investment purposes: Should I buy a house to be an owner in Istanbul, is it a second hand or a new house to buy there? Many questions, such as whether it is close or not, are lined up one after another.

“The dream of a “livable home”

Çağla Gürsoy, Member of the Executive Board of TURYAP, made remarkable decisions about what will make the decisions of those who want to be in Istanbul when deciding on BusinessHT.

Here’s how its members, Çağla Gürsoy, will think of Istanbulites in their home purchases and comment on TURYAP…

1. In Istanbul, it is considered for those who want to buy.

2. Istanbulites first seek a “livable house”.

“Doubt buying a house!”

3. One of the most important things in the life of those who want to buy a house in Istanbul is “Which district am I from, how much profit will I make?” question is included. You can visit’s Region report for travel related to return periods (depreciation) in districts of Istanbul.

4. Is it a small house suitable for the budget in districts where house prices are narrower, or a house with a large social options more affordable? Here in this dilemma, limited amount for use in pocket or as credit.

5. Istanbulites, who want to own a house as if paying a housing loan, give importance to the center first to buy a house.

6. For those who want to minimize home-work relations with economic solutions, the proximity of the house to public transportation and main arteries will go away.

7. Proximity to hospitals, schools, public services, trained by people like those who use their decision to buy from houses in Istanbul.

8. Those who want to buy a house in Istanbul lack the financial means, harmony and sun exposure…

9. Women mostly make the decision to buy a house in families living in Istanbul. The working woman gives importance to whether she and her husband are close to their workplaces, while the housewife gives importance to the interior features of the house, such as the size of the kitchen or the rooms.

10. Those who want to buy spend a long time to visit houses and alternatives. They can show flexibility in the budget as the likes increase in purchasing. When a house is found according to the budget in the rental, it is kept quickly without looking for alternatives.

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