Is it a good time to invest in Istanbul real estate?

October 10, 2023

“Real Estate Investment in Istanbul”

Real estate investment, all investment instruments such as stocks, futures accounts, crypto, etc.) are seen as an investment tool with the highest return and the least risk in the long run. Coming from previous years economically and economically with strong economic growth related growth, Turkey is one of the most preferred for investment by foreigners. Considering the preferred view of foreigners for investment in Turkey, Istanbul is the most preferred city. Istanbul, which has a very large market, is a metropolis that offers high-profit investment opportunities in a short time. Istanbul, one of the biggest in both Turkey and Europe and one of the biggest metropolises in the world, will be multiplied by the huge projects to be made (such as Kanal Istanbul, Eurasia Tunnel, Marmaray, Istanbul Airport). Real estate investment can be made in three ways by purchasing residences, land and commercial real estate in Istanbul. There are important points to be considered in the roads to be used for real estate investment in Istanbul, as well as in the vehicles. Here are those who want to invest in Istanbul to live 2021-2022:

– Inquire about the reliability of the seller of the real estate you are interested in and the suitability of the real estate for sale.

– Check whether the owner of the real estate for sale is the same person as the person in the title deed.

– Check whether there are problems on the property, such as foreclosures, annotations or mortgages, that prevent the sale process.

– By working with a reliable real estate agency, examine the real estate to be purchased on site.

– Check whether the declared properties of the real estate and the properties registered in the deed are compatible.

– Get information about the environment you want to invest in and the potential of the environment from an expert real estate agent. Or if you don’t know where to invest, ask them to guide you according to your investment type (rental flat, office, store, hotel, etc.).

– Work with a professional and reliable real estate agent. Working with a reliable real estate agent protects you from many negative situations that may arise.


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