October 10, 2023

“What is a housing investment?”

Buying a house to make money as an investment tool, not to sit down, is called a housing investment.

“Is it reasonable to invest in a house in 2021”

Making a home investment is a personal decision. But let’s look at the pros and cons in general with home investment recommendations:

“Advantages of home investment”

The value of the house can increase much more than alternative investment vehicles. Especially if the house was bought at the right time, in the right place.
House prices in Turkey usually do not fall. Therefore, it is a relatively more “guaranteed” investment.
It offers rental income. It offers additional income on top of the increase in the price of the house.

“Advantages of home investment”

If you are not going to live in the house you bought, I found a tenant, I got the rent, I didn’t get the problems you deal with.
There is a tax on rental income. Roughly one and a half, two months of rental income goes to taxes. They also have expenses such as DASK, housing insurance.
The house wears out over time, incurring repair costs.
Alternative investments that you will make by buying gold or foreign currency with the money that you will buy a house can earn more.

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