How to find a real estate broker in Turkey?

October 10, 2023

“How to become a real estate broker?”

Real estate broker, by making a temporary or indefinite employment contract issued upon the request of the real right holders; purchase, sale, pledge, etc. of real estate. mediating all legal and technical transactions and leasing, such as the establishment of the same right, and performing post-leasing services, providing consultancy, expertise and appraisal when necessary in these matters, and providing the necessary forms, declarations, etc. It is defined as a person or organization that can fill out documents and carry out these works and transactions in a workplace opened on their behalf.

The real estate broker who establishes the connection between the buyer and the seller in real estate buying and selling and leasing is called a “real estate agent”. So how do you become a real estate broker?


“Who can be a real estate broker?”

The conditions of being a real estate broker are explained within the scope of the Real Estate Compulsory Standard Communiqué. The conditions for being a real estate broker and the rules about business are listed as follows:

1. Rules:

1.1 Rules of business

1.1.1 Real estate broker; Must be registered with the Real Estate Professional Chambers established within the Chamber of Commerce or Commerce or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or Craftsmen; should issue the contract approved or put into use by the professional chamber of which he is a member, and give it to his customer and should not do any business other than real estate brokerage.

1.1.2 Sketch, site plan, model, perspective, etc. of the area served. promotional elements should be displayed on the walls of the real estate office or in suitable places so that the customers can see it, a notice board stating the properties of immovables for rent and sale should be arranged, brochures, photographs, video shoots, site plan, zoning status, etc. should be used.

1.1.3 Real estate brokerage services should be provided according to the fee schedule or customary fee determined by the Real Estate Professional Chambers established within the relevant Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Industry or Tradesmen, and information on the percentages of the commission fees and the information stating that no fee can be claimed in return for the location service. The price list should be posted in a place where customers can see it.

(ÖSG – amended as such by the Communiqué numbered 2004/17 – RG dated 29 April 2004)


1.1.4 The real estate broker should not use any writing, adjective or title other than the phrases describing his profession on the workplace sign and printed documents.

1.1.5 The real estate broker should not use or disclose the information obtained due to the service rendered, other than the principles determined by the contract.

1.1.6 The real estate broker must indicate the name of the workplace in the advertisements to be given.

1.1.7 Real estate brokerage services may be provided through branches or customer representatives on the basis of a written contract, provided that it is included in the contract. In this contract; the duration of the service, its fee, legal and financial responsibilities, etc. matters should be included.

1.1.8 Telephone, fax, and computer communication network etc. in order to carry out communication services in the real estate brokerage office. must exist.

1.1.9 In order for the immovable to be shown on site to the customer, a vehicle belonging to the real estate brokerage office must be found or a contracted vehicle must be provided to perform this service.

1.1.10 Introductory and informative written and visual documents, in which the properties of the immovable are specified, should be arranged in such a way as to have the characteristics of legal documents in case of conflict.

1.1.11 “For Rent” or “For Sale” advertisements on the immovables must be large enough to be noticed from afar.

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