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October 10, 2023

Istanbul’s New Mansions
This valuable project, located by the sea in Mercan Bay, the paradise corner of Tuzla, while hiding in the most sheltered, clean and healthy corner of Istanbul, brings you together with a rich world in two steps. Forget the noise and stress of the city completely, just feel the sound of the waves, the wind, the birds.

Blue, Green and You
A status point by the sea, surrounded by the unique beauty of every shade of blue and green, litres, seagulls, sun and stars… A breathtaking view on private terraces that will gradually receive the sunlight every hour of the day. Ponds, ornamental pools, grass areas, 80% of which are reserved for landscape areas, forest garden, silent garden, rose and flower garden, zen garden, hidden garden, cherry and lavender garden, cocoon pergolas, waterside resting areas, Pier and bridges, amphitheater-type sports and beach viewing areas, and the beach on the coastline will turn outdoor life into a festival.

Holiday Pleasure is Now at Your Home

With its seaside location, you will feel the holiday spirit at any time of the day. It offers many outdoor sports areas where you can have fun with your loved ones and organize enjoyable tournaments with your neighbors in a wonderful atmosphere of 1,400 m2.

A squash wall, a tennis court, a basketball or a football field… Each one has a different taste with its unique sea view. Open and closed swimming pool overlooking the sea in summer, where you can sunbathe on the green grass, cool off in the sparkling waters and enjoy the unique atmosphere of winter.

A cafe area where you can drink delicious coffee against the unique horizon view and try different flavors with your loved ones, sauna and steam rooms, state-of-the-art cardio equipment and a fitness center with sea view. Here, you will step into a life by the sea, where your children can take sailing and surfing lessons.

Custom design Mansion Apartments

With glass walls from the ceiling to the floor and wooden sliding shading elements, a spacious and spacious living opportunity is provided not only in the apartment, but also in all areas. A heartwarming use of space with 53m2 large halls and kitchens with breathtaking views.

best price 120 e1641819920424
Starting Price
turnkey date 120 e1641819914114
March 2024