Best House Tema

October 10, 2023

It’s time to step into a new story. 70 villas designed in separate concepts and 2280 flats from 1+1 to 4+1, wide green areas, carefully arranged landscape, social club privileges where social and cultural activities will add value to your life, low-rise buildings where quality and comfort touch every moment of your life. This time, we are bringing you a living space that goes beyond dreams with its architectural features.

With its low-rise and horizontal architecture, high ceiling structures, glass that integrates with the landscape at every moment to the ground and receives light, wide and spacious interiors, material selection that carries quality in its essence, and landscape areas where colors remind you of a painting, privileges are all around you at Tema Istanbul 2. it will wrap.

When you open your eyes to nature every morning, you will witness the harmony of the sky with nature as if painting a unique picture. With its low-rise horizontal architectural privileges, you will start the day refreshed on your balcony opening to the greenery and you will live a life where the energy you get from nature accompanies your soul all day long.

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